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Zoom Clown 1 - Weekend Version
Clown Play

Cultivate more play, connection & spontaneity with this brand new weekend version of our popular Zoom Clown 1 course.

This weekend introductory course is designed for adults at all stages of their clown journeys, from beginners to pros. The Online Clown Academy invites you to drop into the open, curious state of clown and discover playful connection, from your zoom windows across the globe.

"From the comfort of your own home, you will be taken on a grounding and exhilarating journey towards the magic that is your own creative, playful, idiotic self." Previous participant

The weekend will be divided into four 2-hour sessions, following the same path as our 4-week course. You'll be invited to tune into your body through short guided meditations, there will be facilitated playful movement explorations, designed to help you release tension and discover new ways of expressing yourself through your physicality, there will be a series of simple tasks to help you encounter your living space and it's familiar objects with fresh eyes and a playful heart. There'll be opportunities galore to connect and play with other clowns in fun and surprising ways. Plenty of laughter guaranteed!

"A mad romp through your own flat that helps you to become more comfortable being ridiculously silly in your own space with a group of highly enjoyable fools." Previous participant

Zoom Clown 1 – Clown Play is brought to you by The Online Clown Academy (previously Clown Workouts), which is headed up by professional idiots Robyn Hambrook and Holly Stoppit. Robyn and Holly will be co-facilitating the course, drawing on their vast experience and combined backgrounds in theatre clowning (both), rebel clowning (Robyn) and therapeutic clowning (Holly), to take you on a journey into stupidity and beyond! 

Holly and Robyn have run the weekly version of this course 11 times since May 2020 and are thrilled to have the chance to reformat it as an intensive weekend course.

Completing this course will give you access to our intermediate course, Zoom Clown 2 - Building Blocks to Clown Devising, which we will be running again in the next few months.

New Course, March 2021

Dates: Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th March 2021 

Times: Both Saturday and Sunday

UK 3-9pm (with a break from 5-7)

Europe 16:00 – 22:00 (with a break from 18:00 – 20:00)

New York / Toronto 11:00 – 17:00 (with a break from 13:00-15:00)

San Fransisco / Vancouver 08:00 – 14:00 (with a break from 10:00- 12.00)

Location: In your living room, on Zoom 

Cost: £100 / £80 / £60 / £40 + booking fee (select the level of payment that best suits your pocket)

How do I book a place? 

1. Book right away following the link at the bottom of this page - we are allocating places on a first-come first-served basis.

2. We will send joining information and your Zoom Clown link the week before the course begins.

You can find the facebook event here.

About The Online Clown Academy

The Online Clown Academy was originally created as a space for clowns of all ages and all stages of their clown evolution to meet, play, connect and share their creative hilarity during the coronavirus pandemic of 2020. Have a read of this blog to find out what we've been up to. Find our facebook group here.

More about Holly Stoppit

Holly is a facilitator, performance skills teacher, theatre director and dramatherapist, specialising in live, interactive, improvised and devised performance. Holly grew up in the circus and worked as a clown for over 2 decades before hanging up her red nose to specialise in facilitating the birth of baby clowns and the creation of clown performance. At the heart of all of Holly’s work is a desire to promote creative discovery and connection through play. More about Holly here.

More about Robyn Hambrook

Robyn is a performance artist, director, teacher and producer with over twenty years’ experience. Her passion lies in physical theatre, circus, street arts and rebel clowning. Participation is at the heart of her work, she enjoys involving community & artists in the creative process and creating work that asks the audience to join in, empowering everyone she meets to realise their own creative potential. Check out Robyn's website here.

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Zoom - Weekend Version

27 March 2021 - 28 March 2021

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