Holly Stoppit
Photo credit: Paul Blakemore

Site Specific Theatre

A workshop in devising performance inspired by site.

In this workshop, Holly unpacks many approaches to creating devised and improvised site-specific performance from her experience of both directing site-specific theatre and performing / directing touring site-responsive work for non-theatre spaces.

This course can be adapted to respond to a single site or multiple sites. We will begin by collecting stories, both real and imagined; the stories contained in the architecture, the stories held by the surrounding community and the stories our bodies and imaginations discover as we explore the site.

When we’ve harvested enough stories, we will use many different styles of performance to bring the stories to life. Depending on the nature of the site and the taste of the group, Holly can either work with the theatrical skills already in the room or offer short workshops in physical theatre, dance, spoken word, building theatrical characters, scene-work, games theatre, improvisation, clown etc to give the group the tools with which to create original site specific performance.

Along the way, the group will be led through periods of reflection to discover how they can apply this learning to their current and future creative projects.

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