Holly Stoppit
Fools playing in a site / photo by Holly Stoppit

Site Responsive Fooling
(5 days)

An advanced training for people who have completed Holly’s 5-day or 3-day fooling workshop.

Calling all fools! An invitation to rekindle our fooling practice

In this BRAND NEW week-long Site-Responsive Fooling workshop.

We’ll revisit the basics, invite our bodies and hearts to unfurl, we’ll reignite our imaginations.

We'll take inspiration from the world around us to find out who we are now.

We’ll play indoors and outside, finding masks from objects, architecture, plants and animals. We’ll use all of our senses to explore various sites in and around the training space, discovering the stories waiting to be told.

There will be a mix of solo, pairs and group activities, guided meditations, personal reflections, plenty of “stage” time and structured feedback.

This workshop aims to support you to:

  • Spend time with the voices in your head.

  • Discover ways of gaining personal insight through creative interactions with objects, architecture, plants, animals and people.

  • Continue to develop your knowledge and skills in solo improvised performance.

  • Generate raw material to use as the basis for creating devised theatre.

  • Open up to the potential of creating site responsive / site specific performance.

  • Continue to develop a sensitive, connected and alive style of performance. 

  • Continue to explore how to safely bring your authentic feelings into your performance / interactions with fellow humans.

About Holly and Fooling

Fooling has formed the foundation for most of Holly’s performing / directing work since she began her training with Franki Anderson, over 20 years ago. Over the years, Holly has woven in many strands of her professional training and experience, including mindfulness, dramatherapy, dance-movement, voice work, communication skills training, creative writing and sacred clown, to develop her own version of the form. Holly is artistic director of a public performance company of fools called Beyond The Ridiculous

This workshop is inspired by the many discoveries made by Holly and the fools of Beyond The Ridiculous during their outdoor fooling forays throughout the pandemic. 

About You

You need to have completed Holly’s 5-day or 3-day Fooling course to attend this course. 

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