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Beccy Golding / Gen in a wheelbarrow / taken during 5-day Deepening Clown

Site Responsive Clown Devising

A weekend exploring site-responsive approaches to devising; bounce your imagination off the world and see what it throws back at you!

Drop into embodied awareness, explore the natural poetry of the moving body; open up to spontaneity, risk, movement, rhythm, space and flow. After becoming familiar with these elements within our own awareness practice, we'll spill out into the streets of Bristol, expanding our awareness to the body of civilisation, taking inspiration from the poetry of the moving city to inspire our devising.

Back in the rehearsal room, we'll create living, breathing characters inspired by whatever we've discovered out there in the world.

On the second day, we'll take these characters out into the streets of Bristol to interact with the city, the architecture, the people, the animals and the trees. Through each interaction, we'll discover more and more about the character's universe.

Back in the rehearsal room, we'll draw on our discoveries to create short solo performance pieces. They might take the form of a character monologue, a clown numero, a story, a song or a dance, we'll follow our flow to discover.

This workshop is a bespoke one-off, following a request from James Crawley who asked Holly to hold a space where he can continue to explore the devising techniques he picked up in Berlin last summer, when training with LISPA. James is intrigued to fuse his LISPA experiences with Holly's clown pedagogy. We thought other people might want to jump into this work with us, so here is your official invitation!

Holly is excited to have the opportunity to draw on the site-responsive devising process, she developed with Ramshacklicious, the street theatre company she co-founded with her brother. Holly has used aspects of this process in many rehearsal rooms since leaving the company, but this is the first time she's led a workshop that is purely about exploring the process. She's intrigued to find out what it will lead to...

Dates: 15th and 16th June 2019
Deadline for applications: Friday 31st May 2019
Times: 10am-6pm each day
Venue: St Werburghs Primary School, Bristol

Cost: £150* / £120** / £90***
*This is our standard rate.
**This is our low waged rate.
***This is our supported rate for those who are unemployed or in full time education.

You need to have completed at least one of Holly's 5-day workshops or 10-week courses to attend this workshop.

Any questions, email info@hollystoppit.com

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