Holly Stoppit
Photo credit: Paul Blakemore

Laughter Yoga

Laughter Yoga releases tension and enhances group dynamics. Developed in India by GP, Dr Kataria, Laughter Yoga is a system of simple games and fun, non-strenuous exercises which get you laughing for absolutely no reason, leaving you feeling euphoric, relaxed, de-stressed and connected.

Laughter Yoga workshops are adaptable for everyone. No previous experience or jokes are needed. It’s purely centred around giving the body a good old-fashioned belly laugh and is great for:

  • Promoting awareness, presence and alertness.
  • Bonding new groups - inhibitions are giggled away.
  • Improving the dynamic of any existing group, encouraging participants to make connections with each other playfully, through laughter.

Holly trained as a Laughter Yoga Facilitator with The Laughter Network.

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