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Inner Voice, Outer Voice

Do you want to bring more presence, flow and authenticity into how you share your words on stage and in life? 

Do you want to develop more confidence around using your voice and body, being seen and heard?

Do you want to develop more sensitivity towards your listeners, so that your words land in their imaginations and hearts? 

Then this is the workshop for you!

This two-day in-person workshop from Holly Stoppit is designed for anyone who wants to find more ease, play, authenticity and flow with their voices, including: poets, public speakers, actors, performers, singers, teachers and facilitators.

Over the two days, Holly will hold a safe and exploratory space where a group of 12 adults can take risks to explore creative, playful, imaginative and body-based approaches to bringing text and improvised words to life.

“Amazing deep connecting work to self & others, from the sublime to the ridiculous!” - Grevil, entertainer / playworker, previous participant

To connect with our inner voices, Holly will offer guided meditations, we’ll explore mindfulness in motion through physical warm ups and gently coax our voices out to play with playful voice release. We’ll explore how to stay in contact with our inner voices whilst making sounds and talking, through individual, pairs and small group exercises, followed by structured feedback and reflection. 

There will be guided investigations of what stops us sharing our voices and words freely and a plethora of tools to help you speak, sing and make sounds with ease and pleasure.

Holly will dip into her huge performer-training toolkit and pull out exercises from a variety of sources including Natural Voice, Action Theatre, improvisation, stand-up comedy, Clowning, Fooling, dramatherapy and Flow Speaking.

“Highly interactive and fun… An opportunity to reach inside, to be more effective in communicating with those we meet.” - Diane, intuitive healer and transition doula, previous participant.

Holly Stoppit is a performance skills teacher, facilitator and dramatherapist specialising in playful, interactive, autobiographical performance. Once upon a time, Holly was a professional performer who suffered with debilitating stage fright. In 2017 she embarked on a mission to understand more about her stage fright, by making three solo shows in three months! The discoveries she made freed up her voice and led her all the way to performing her own TEDx talk on the main stage of Bristol Old Vic in 2019. To learn more about Holly and see her TEDx talk, click here.

This workshop was originally called ‘Playful Presence’ and was commissioned by a poet as part of her Arts Council England, ‘Developing Your Creative Practice’ project. This is the forth time Holly will run it. 

Cancellation Policy

  • If you need to cancel your place before the course begins, full refunds can only be given up until two weeks before the course starts

  • Should you need to cancel your place after this date, 50% of your payment will be retained, unless your place can be suitably filled

  • For drop-outs within 72 hours (3 days) of the start of the course, your full fee will be retained.

  • In the event of you needing to self isolate because of suspected or actual covid, you will be able to get your money back.

  • In the event of another national or local lockdown, this course will be moved to new dates.

  • If you are unable to attend the rescheduled dates, then we will offer a refund.

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