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The Inner Critic Inquiry

Release the grip of your inner critic, through dialogue, art, writing and dramatherapy. 

This 8-week course from dramatherapist and performance trainer Holly Stoppit will help you release the grip of your inner critic, through drama, writing, structured discussion and art.

Are you plagued by self-doubt, riddled with self-consciousness, fearful of putting yourself / your creativity out there? Do you feel like your choices and your potential are limited? Would you like to feel braver and able to take more risks in creativity, work, love and life? Then this is the course for you!

In this course, you’ll be led through a carefully paced progression of exercises that will help you to:
- strengthen your inner resilience
- meet your inner critic face to face
- discover what your critic is trying to protect you from
- learn the skills to be able to negotiate with your critic whenever it arises, in healthy, creative and effective ways

All of this is served up on a bed of laughter, play and connection.

Holly has been facilitating various versions of the Inner Critic Inquiry for the last 6 years. To find out more about where this course came from, read Holly's blog Me and My Critic

To get a feel for what an inner critic session might contain, have a look at Holly's blog, where she writes about Embracing The Shadow WithinSelf Care and Boundaries.

Feedback from previous Inner Critic Inquiry participants:

“An amazing opportunity to redefine my relationship with that part of me that I have previously just wanted gone!”

“A playful weekly time to learn practical and theoretical self help. The most useful thing I've done in years, possibly ever.”

“I felt safe... I loved the playing and the different funny things we did. Visualising and modelling the inner critic was very powerful for me”

“After years ...decades of trying to work this painful stuff out with my brain and by talking, it has been very helpful to come at it from a totally different angle… My inner critic remains alive and well, however I can now get a fag paper in between it and another sense of myself which is deeply grounded and eternal. It has been healing to understand that all my frightened little self was needing was love, and that I can supply that bountifully for myself. Thank you so much Holly.”

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