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Going Feral - Wild Play Day with Dr Mel McCree

Holly Stoppit Workshops are seriously excited to be hosting wild play expert Dr Mel McCree to run a Going Feral wild play day for us.

Going feral uses improvisation, play and deep nature connection techniques. Think of a beautiful combo of outdoor fooling, forest school style play for adults, forest bathing and inner rewilding, creating and choosing what you feel like doing. 

In the morning we will work with movement and voice to engage with the landscape. We will stretch, run, climb, whoop, howl and holler together. We will be still and reflect. 

In the afternoon, we will take inspiration from the fire, cooking lunch then warming our ideas, hearts and hands around the flames. We might sing and tell stories round the fire and there will of course be cake! We will share some of the juicy fruits from the day’s creative process in celebration, returning home full of tales of adventure, wood smoke perfume and a twinkle in our eyes.

You don’t need to know how to dance, act or sing, or what plants are called. You need curiosity, some good waterproofs and a sense of adventure. The woods await you and beckon you in…

You will be guided by Mel, an experienced creative outdoor facilitator and supported by a feral few who vouch for the transformative powers of going feral for the day.

Mel's Bio

Mel McCree is an ecological artist, educator and researcher. Starting last century, her beloved creative practice of mucking about outside has now become fairly trendy. She has developed Feralism as a participatory art form, leading outdoor experiences in Going Feral, the Feral Unskool, the Bristol Feral Choir, alongside ecotherapeutic approaches. Feralism is an embodied creative practice of being in place and making place, using collaborative performance, improvisation and reflective outdoor exploration. Mel is a renowned academic scholar and practitioner of outdoor play and forest school.

For more about Mel and her Feralosophy click here.

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Mel is an exceptionally inspiring practitioner who's work both Holly and Beccy (Holly's admin) have had the pleasure of experiencing first hand. In fact, Holly and Beccy first met each other in the woods on a Going Feral day led by Mel!

Mel's ridiculously intricate understanding of outdoor play is deeply rooted in both theory and practice - she is an actual Doctor in Outdoor Play, don't you know!

Mel will merrily lead us through the forest, scattering play invitations galore, encouraging us to drop into nature-based creative explorations that will leave us feeling closer to our natural state.

Details and booking Info

  • Sunday 24 November, 9.30am-4.30pm 
  • In a secret woodland near to Bristol (exact location will be given closer to the event)
  • Cost: Standard £69.04 / Low income £53.29 / No income £37.54 (includes booking fee) 
  • To book your place click here
  • Facebook event here.

This workshop is open to all, whether you've done any of Holly's training or not and it's booking on a first come, first served basis.

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