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Fools Play Sessions

Holly Stoppit and the fools of Beyond The Ridiculous are delighted to offer a 10-week Fools Play space for anyone who has completed our 5-day Fools School

For 2 ½ hours every Tuesday evening, fools will gather to be, play, dance, sing and explore our many masks.

Each session will follow the familiar pattern of a grounding and short check in to start, before moving into a physical warm up, developing from solo to group play.

The exercises that follow will help you to explore and expand your fools tool kit; focusing on physical expression, voice release, story structure and the many ways of discovering and embodying masks. There will be guided reflections peppered in along the way.

Holly will lead the first few sessions, before handing over facilitation to a host of guest foolish facilitators, all members of Beyond The Ridiculous, who each have their own specialities, including Dominique Fester (physical theatre), Aisha Ali (playful voice), Naomi Smyth (story creation) and Ed Rapley (presence and play). Holly will occasionally be back to facilitate the odd session.

The skills learned during this course will enrich your performance practice, sharpen your focus and nourish your soul.

(NB There is no public performance element to this course.)

  • Course dates: 3rd March - 5th May 2020
  • Time: 7-9.30
  • Radnor Rooms, Central Bristol 
  • Cost: £180 / £150 / £120 (Standard / low / no income) plus 2 x £80 bursary places
  • Application deadline: extended and now booking on a first come / first served basis

This is a 10-week commitment. As with all Holly's courses, you're welcome to turn up however you are and participate in whatever way feels nourishing for you, but setting out with an intention to attend all the sessions will support our group journey.

The course has an application process to make sure we’ve got a good mix of bods in the room (taking gender, age, performance experience etc into consideration). Priority will be given to creating a balanced group.

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Bristol 2020

03 March 2020 - 05 May 2020

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