Holly Stoppit

Fools Retreat

Imagine what could happen if a bunch of fools were plunged into a beautiful countryside setting, for a FOOLS FULL NATURE IMMERSION

About the retreat

You'll arrive on the Friday evening, meet your fellow fools, find your bed and eat a delicious, healthy, grounding meal, before we begin our opening ceremony.

Saturday, Sunday and Monday will be three full days of playing, exploring and discovering, allowing nature to support, inspire and infiltrate our fooling.

The mornings will be a mix of mindful meditations, movement, voice and sensory explorations. Nature will lead us into finding and embodying a range of masks. We'll explore both site-responsive and site-specific fooling.

We'll take long, leisurely lunch breaks, where there'll be time to rest, walk, read, play or do whatever feels most nourishing for you.

In the afternoons we'll let nature speak through us, by performing solos for each other.

After a delicious and lovingly prepared fools banquet, there will be optional evening activities including singing and storytelling by the fire, night time fooling, jamming and wishing ceremonies.

On Tuesday, our final day, there will be a closing ceremony, before we have our last lunch together.

Holly Stoppit is delighted to be offering games and exercises from her nature play toolkit, a bag of tricks she's spent a lifetime cultivating, both through her training and through her personal explorations. Holly has been attending meditation retreats in beautiful places for 15 years, often secretly exploring play as the bridge between meditation and nature (shhh, don't tell anyone!).

Last Autumn, Holly facilitated her first fools retreat for the fools of Beyond The Ridiculous and was so inspired to see how nature spoke through the fools in so many different ways, that she's decided to open this up to the wider community of Fools.

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