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Sunflowers, eastern France 2023

Creative Clarity Group Workshops

New for Autumn 2023: Creative Clarity is a dynamic, embodied form of inquiry, which aims to help you get in touch with your own inner guide and find answers for life’s big conundrums.

This is the page for Creative Clarity group workshops, if you're interested in Creative Clarity one-to-one's go here.

What Happens In A Creative Clarity Workshop?

Creative Clarity is a new 2-day group workshop which aims to help you to access the wisdom contained within your body, emotions and thoughts. To tap into this inner wisdom, you'll be invited to step into a series of flexible, creative containers, to help you discover what's true for you.

Creative Clarity draws on Holly's background and training in:

  • Dramatherapy / fooling / embodiment / play
  • Dance / movement inquiry
  • Meditation / focussing
  • Reflective writing / artwork
  • Environmental arts therapy
  • Creative Arts Supervision
  • Structured dialogue (taking inspiration from Nancy Kline’s Thinking Environment, Parker J Palmer’s Clearness Committee, Marshall Rosenburg’s Nonviolent Communication and Richard Swartz' Internal Family Systems)

Throughout the weekend, you'll be flowing through these forms, investigating how to be with the unknown and how to support others to stay with the unknown until clarity emerges.

You can use the Creative Clarity process to explore whatever is hot for you. It could be a good place to explore your relationship with work, creativity, vocation, purpose, blocks and fears, grief and loss, joys and celebrations, burn out and sustainability, identity, spirituality, leadership, connection, mental health, or whatever else feels pertinent for you. You don't even need to have a question - sometimes the questions spontaneously emerge during the workshop. 

During the weekend, you'll be invited to explore your emerging themes alone, with a partner, with a small group and with the whole group, in a variety of different ways. You'll learn a plethora of creative reflective techniques that you'll be able to use again on yourself or with others. 

Who Is This Workshop For?

This workshop is open to anyone over the age of 18. You don't need to have trained with Holly before to attend. 

It will be particularly valuable for people who hold space for other people, including parents, teachers, therapists, facilitators, directors, managers, friends and partners. If you're interested in learning skills to accompany yourself and others into the unknown, with spacious compassion and active curiosity, then this is the workshop for you!

How Do I Sign Up?

Holly is currently piloting a different way of offering her workshops. Searching for more sustainability in her work, instead of Holly doing all the organising, she is working with local hosts who are bringing together groups of people and hiring a venue. Holly can travel anywhere to teach this workshop.

If you’d like Holly to facilitate a Creative Clarity group workshop in your local area, see the call out for local hosts here.

About Holly Stoppit

Holly is a facilitator, dramatherapist and clinical supervisor, who for many years specialised in clowning, fooling and improvisation as a way to explore the human condition. More about Holly's background here

This autumn, Holly is coming back to facilitation after a year’s sabbatical, where she's been living and working at a meditation retreat centre in Devon. More about that here.

Creative Clarity is an opportunity for Holly to bring her deepening understanding and appreciation of meditation and insight dialogue, together with her mahoosive experience of embodied play and creative inquiry. 

Creative Clarity is an expression of Holly's values: clarity, safety, inclusivity, optionality, consent, collaboration, play, depth, ritual, celebration, creativity, curiosity, spontaneity, mystery and authenticity. Holly trusts that everyone has their own inner oracle and it is her delight to help people access theirs.

If you'd like Holly to offer a group workshop in your local area, check out the call out for workshop hosts here.

To find out about Creative Clarity One-to-One's, click here.

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