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Holly Stoppit / 2017 Summer School

Deepening Clown (5-days)

This 5-day course picks up where Holly Stoppit’s Introduction to Clowning Weekend finishes. The course is a carefully plotted descent into the deeper realms of clown.

Please note, you need to have completed Holly's Introduction To Clowning to attend this course.

What will happen to you?

-You'll be guided through exercises to help you increase your sensitivity.
-You'll build up the courage to express new levels of ridiculousness, with your voice, body and imagination.
- You'll deepen your understanding of rhythm and surprise, the mechanics of physical comedy
- You'll continue exploring how it feels to see and be seen and carry on with the work of removing blocks to connection.
- You'll have guided practice at owning / playing with the flop, giving you greater freedom to play on stage.
- You'll get to play at dressing up!
-You may get to go out in public in the state of clown on the last day and make some friends.*
- You'll be guided through reflection sessions to capture your clown’s wisdom.
-you'll get to hang out with a room full of playful people for a whole week!

*going out to play has been the finale of the previous four 5-day clown courses, but we'll wait and see whether it feels right for this group.

To read about what happened during Holly's Clowning Summer School 2017, check out this here blog.

“Fun, silly, cathartic, deep, real, therapeutic, adventure, liberating.”

“A deep dive into fuller, funnier, more compassionate relationship with yourself, other people and the world around you. A massive opportunity to learn to play whatever the emotional weather or outside context.”

“The whole week was an absolute treat.”

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