Holly Stoppit
Photo credit: Paul Blakemore

Clown and Objects

Discover what clowns do with objects. Exploring improvisation and devising techniques to create solo and ensemble routines with objects.

This weekend course builds on Holly’s Introduction to Clowning Weekend, but can also be adapted for a stand-alone course. This playful and exploratory weekend investigates how clowns play with objects. In this 2 day course we will:

  • Re-enter the state of clown (immersing yourself in play, curiosity and wonder, remembering how to keep an audience laughing with rhythm and surprise)
  • explore how to share the stage with an object 
  • Discover how objects can transform into anything with a bit of imagination
  • Discover how creating difficulty with objects might open up a world of comic potential 
  • Find out how to frame the simplicity of the relationship between clown and object. 
  • Laugh a lot
  • Discover ways to using objects as the basis for devising clown theatre or for the basis of clown impro

What the people say:

“Good lessons about working with objects; connection with yourself, your public and your object….”

“The weekend was a rollercoaster of calmness mindfulness expression and jollity”

“Forget everything you think you know about clowns… this is an awesome weekend of intensive fun and exploration of the self through clowning games, bringing awareness through play, the meeting of vulnerability and humour embracing humanity.”

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