Holly Stoppit
Photo credit: Paul Blakemore

Clown and Music

Discover what clowns do with live music, using both instruments and voice. How do clowns respond to live music and how does live music respond to clowns?

This weekend course builds on Holly’s Introduction to Clowning Weekend, but can also be adapted for a stand-alone course. This playful and exploratory weekend investigates how clowning and music fit together. In this 2 day course we will:

  • Re-enter the state of clown (immersing yourself in play, curiosity and wonder, remembering how to keep an audience laughing with rhythm and surprise)
  • Explore ensemble musical improvisation, with both voices and instruments, finding ways to support each other to take greater risks in improvisation
  • Explore the comic potential of musical instruments
  • discover how clowns respond to live music and how live music responds to clowns
  • Laugh a lot
  • Discover ways to use music as the basis for devising clown theatre or for the basis of clown impro

What the people say:

“Surreal shenanigans, singing and silliness. Very liberating.”

“It’s just magical stuff to do, I’m not entirely sure what I get from it but it’s hugely liberating, ludicrously funny, as dangerous as you want it to be and not remotely like anything else I know of”

“A new burst of enthusiasm for my own work as well as thinking about soooooo many levels of Clown; therapeutic, just fun, a way of life.”

“Holly’s clown & music workshop is a wonderful experience for anyone who like or would like to try to perform with voice or music. It will give you the path/ideas how to open yourself with more enjoyment for the performance with your voice or instrument.”

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