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Assembling Your Inner Cast
Advanced Fooling Training

This 5-day course is for those fools who have completed at least one of Holly's 5-day Fooling Summer Schools and wish to further develop their fooling practice.

This training is adapted from last October's Beyond The Ridiculous intensive training week, which you can read about here.

Here's a little film from the end of Assembling Your Inner Cast, August 2018:

The training is designed to give you more confidence and stability in your performance.

During the 5 days you will:

  • Be guided through mindful sitting meditations and mindful movement explorations to help you tune into your inner world.
  • Have Holly's guidance to explore who makes up your current inner cast (masks), begin to explore their relationship to each other and find their optimum places on the stage. As well as supporting your stage work, this may have interesting knock-on effects in your real life.*
  • Explore the various shades of your masks, understanding how adaptable your masks can be and how they can serve you on stage.**
  • Try out your cast in various playing spaces, to practice rolling them out any where, any time.
  • get to know a small group of fools inside out

*Since undergoing this training last year with my teacher, Franki Anderson, things have miraculously shifted around in my life. Through the naming and careful placing of my Inner Critic, my Vulnerability, my Academic, Joy, Healthy Grounded and Unhealthy Ungrounded and my Facilitator, my inner cast have developed an extraordinary ability to work together to allow me to perform with pleasure, whilst also helping me to make healthy decisions in real life.

**Having a familiar internal cast may give you more confidence to perform Fooling publicly, knowing at least one of your masks can bail you out if it all goes terribly wrong might be enough for you to take the risk!

"We all have many different masks - those different voices in your head, different ways you present yourself to others and yourself, different roles you take on - in fooling these are called masks. During this course we took a snapshot of the masks that were presenting themselves to us that week, we found their places, voices, and physicality in the playspace, explored their motives, and played them out for ourselves and others - presenting short and long solo, unplanned performances for each other that made us laugh, cry and everything in between. We discovered new masks, or ones that often hide away, and got to know even better the ones that are familiar to us. Holly facilitates the process through meditations, check ins, movement and dance, and her clever, magic process where step-by-step you hardly notice that you are delving deep and flying high through the full ridiculous experience that is humanity. It is moving, bonding, hilarious, daft, sacred and very very special." 2018 participant.

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