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What's in Holly's Tool Kit?

Welcome to Holly's tool kit! Have a look around and see if there's anything that might be useful to you!

The Basic Tools

  • An intricate knowledge of PLAY - what it is, what it's for and how to make more of it happen in your life and the lives of others.
  • A deep understanding of GROUP WORK - how to provide a safe space that allows people to connect in their authenticity.
  • An MA in DRAMATHERAPY and a certificate in CREATIVE ARTS THERAPIES SUPERVISION - a sturdy foundation that underpins all of Holly's work.

Exploratory Tools

  • Mindfulness / Meditation - drawing on nearly two decades of training and experience in Insight Meditation, weaving in aspects of Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction and Somatic Meditation to offer contemplative space to help people anchor themselves and tune into presence, as a support for both stage performance and authentic relating.
  • Communication Skills Training - drawing on her Nonviolent Communication training and experience with Timed Talking, Action Learning, Circle of Trust and Open Space, Holly provides communication structures that aim to increase empathy and improve speaking and listening skills.
  • Reflection Techniques - using dialogue, creative writing, art, embodiment, Environmental Arts Therapy, Compassionate Inquiry and Internal Family Systems, Holly provides containers to help you discover and articulate your own pearls of wisdom.

Creative Tools

  • Group Games - to bring people together, to find the spirit of play, to release laughter, to explore themes and issues in a light way.
  • Clowning - finding your clown, finding freedom in play, exploring audience connection, performing solo or with a group.
  • Fooling - solo improvisation exploring the various inner-voices that make up the 'Self'- for private investigation or public performance.
  • Storytelling - structures for creating improvised fictional stories, telling stories without words, autobiographical storytelling and stand-up.
  • Character Creation - discovering characters through the body, techniques for unleashing characters from the imagination.
  • Dance / Movement / Physical Theatre - mindful movement - learning to listen to and follow your own impulses, developing confidence to express yourself through your body.
  • Ensemble Play - Structures for group improvisation.
  • Exploring the performer-audience relationship - discovering who you tend to cast your audience as and exploring the impact this has on you and your performance. 
  • Consensual audience interaction  - discovering how to co-create with your audience.
  • Puppetry / Object Animation - bringing objects to life.
  • Playful Voice Work - exercises to help you release your natural voice, find the fun and pleasure and develop the confidence to improvise with a group of people.
  • Live music for performance - exploring how live music and live performance interact. 
  • Creative Writing - dynamic ways of integrating writing with play.
  • Public Speaking - crafting dynamic, accessible talks and building rapport with listeners.
  • Dramaturgy - narrative structures for devised and improvised performance.
  • Theatre For Non-Theatre Spaces - site-specific / street / promenade / walkabout theatre.
  • Forum Theatre / Playback Theatre - exploring issue-based / personal story through performance.
  • Laughter Yoga - simple exercises that help you release laughter.
  • Nature Play - asking nature for inspiration through sensory play and reflective inquiry.

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