Holly Stoppit

What's in Holly's Tool Kit?

Welcome to Holly's tool kit! Have a look around and see if there's anything that might be useful to you!

The Basic Tools

  • An intricate knowledge of PLAY - what it is, what it's for and how to make more of it happen.
  • A deep understanding of GROUP WORK - how to provide a safe space that allows people to connect, unguarded.
  • A life-time's experience as a PERFORMER, DIRECTOR AND FACILITATOR.
  • An MA in DRAMATHERAPY - a sturdy foundation that underpins all of Holly's work.

Creative Tools

  • Clowning - finding your clown, exploring audience interaction, performing solo or with a group, pure improvisation or devised set-pieces.
  • Fooling - solo improvisation exploring the various inner-voices that make up the 'Self'- for private investigation or public performance.
  • Storytelling - structures for creating improvised fictional stories, telling stories without words, autobiographical storytelling / stand-up.
  • Character Creation - discovering characters through the body, techniques for unleashing characters from the imagination.
  • Dance / Movement / Physical Theatre - mindful movement - learning to listen to and follow your own impulses, developing confidence to express yourself through your body.
  • Puppetry / Object Animation - bringing objects to life.
  • Playful Voice Work - exercises to help you release your natural voice, find the fun and pleasure and develop the confidence to improvise with a group of people.
  • Live Music - exploring how live music and performance interact. 
  • Creative Writing - dynamic ways of integrating writing with action, exercises for generating content.
  • Dramaturgy - narrative structures for devised and improvised performance.
  • Theatre For Non-Theatre Spaces - site-specific / street / promenade / walkabout theatre.
  • Forum Theatre / Playback Theatre - exploring issue-based / personal story through performance.
  • Laughter Yoga - simple exercises that help you release laughter.

Exploratory Tools

  • Mindfulness / Meditation - drawing on the Insight Meditation tradition and the Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction syllabus to offer contemplative sitting and walking meditations.
  • Communication Skills Training - drawing on her Non-Violent Communication and Circle of Trust training.
  • Reflection Techniques - using dialogue, writing, drawing and embodiment to articulate your own pearls of wisdom.

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