Holly Stoppit

Creative Consultancy for individual artists and theatre companies

Holly is an experienced facilitator, who creates the conditions and offers guidance for theatre companies and individuals to enter into exploratory process, make discoveries and implement changes.  Holly has the tools and experience to provide you with:

  • Nurturing support to help your fragile new ideas to grow
  • A fresh eye on an existing show or project
  • Guidance and holding to explore and improve your company dynamics
  • Support to evaluate or reflect on past projects

Holly’s Creative Consultancy falls into three categories; project work, personal development and company development.

Previous clients include:

Liz Clarke Cannonballista (Project Mentor / Workshop Design Collaborator / Process Facilitator)

Jenny Drew New Untitled Graphic Novel (Mentor)

Emily Souter Jonson Polyester (R&D Facilitator)

Lucy Harrington Wake Up and Deirdrealize (R&D Facilitator)

Edward Rapley The Self Trilogy (Process Facilitator / Director)

Adam Blake Birth and Death and Here and Now (Fooling Teacher / Mentor)

Freckled Mischief Oz (phd Research Facilitator)  

Tim Norwood and Charlotte Blackburn (Facilitator - creating structures to take care of their mental health during their devising process / co-devising a workshop for participants exploring mental health through writing)

Theatr Genedlaethol Cymru Y Storm, Pridd and Fat Club (Clown Consultant)

Acrojou Vessel (Comedy Consultant / Fuse Lighter)

The Invisible Circus Company Development Facilitator

Pirates of The Carabina Company Evaluation / Development Facilitator

Broken Dream Co The Act (Devising Mentor) 

Performers Without Borders (Facilitator- Leadership and Communication Skills Through Play)

Circus To Borders (Facilitator-Communication Skills Through Play)

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