Holly Stoppit

Creative Consultancy for individual artists and theatre companies

Holly is an experienced facilitator, who creates the conditions for and offers guidance to individuals and theatre companies to enter into exploratory process, make discoveries and implement changes. Holly has the tools and experience to provide you with:

  • Nurturing support to help you explore new creative ideas
  • Support to move through creative blocks
  • Masterclasses in specific skills 
  • Guidance and holding to explore and improve your company dynamics
  • Support to evaluate or reflect on past projects

Holly’s Creative Consultancy falls into three categories; 

Project Work - for individuals and companies wishing to work on a specific creative project.

Personal Development - for individuals wishing to use creative arts to explore creative blocks.

Company Development - for companies wishing to explore and improve their company dynamics.


Do you have a new project brewing? Perhaps you have a show or a workshop trying to get out. Holly can help you to:

  • Get clear about what you want to offer to the world.
  • Plan a creative project, define the stages and create a project timeline.
  • Set out intentions for your creative project, giving you your own unique gauge with which to measure your project’s success.
  • Physically explore new creative hatchlings from many different angles, using creative writing, art, facilitated discussions, improvisation and play to test out the merits of your idea and maybe even discover more ideas along the way.
  • Test out new material on audiences and gather audience feedback. Holly is happy to facilitate audience feedback discussions or help you devise the best method for receiving feedback for your project.
  • Evaluate your creative process and plan the next steps.
  • Or you can have Holly's input in the form of a masterclass.


Do you have a question (personal or performance-related) you are curious to find the answer to? Are you struggling with limiting creative blocks? Holly can hold space and offer guidance for you to:

  • Unpack your question, exploring it from many different angles, using creative writing, art, facilitated discussions and many forms of improvisation / dramatherapy.
  • Locate and explore creative blocks, investigating where they are coming from and how they are serving you. This knowledge, combined with some gentle resilience exercises and a bit of future mapping, can offer support for you to move through your blocks.


Is your company struggling with internal communication? Is your management style out of line with what your company stands for? Holly can help you to:

  • Creatively investigate and define the roles that exist within your company, finding out what’s working and which roles need redefining / inventing in order for the creativity to flow.
  • Collaboratively create a company constitution, a sturdy foundation for your company to build upon.
  • Explore any blocks in company communication and develop effective strategies for helping communication to flow.
  • Or you could just shake it all up by asking Holly in to offer a play day for your company.

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