Holly Stoppit

Away day training for businesses

Holly can provide away day training that will: 

  • Release laughter and inhibitions
  • Increase compassion and empathy
  • Encourage connection and support
  • Unleash imagination
  • Raise the joy

Holly is a highly-experienced facilitator with an intricate knowledge of group theory and an immense understanding of the benefits of play. Her playful yet profound approach unleashes untold creative potential. Wherever there are people with imaginations that need unlocking and blocks that need unblocking, Holly has the key / plunger!

Holly's corporate sessions are always bespoke, highly-structured and have pre-agreed outcomes. The day can have a lighter focus on fun and group bonding, or, through structured play and facilitated discussion, the group's themes and issues can be explored in a safe and creative manner. 

To see the full content of Holly's creative toolkit, click here.

“Holly’s session helped us to release some inhibitions, use a more creative part of our brain and enjoy being together. It was a fun part of a day where we were trying to reflect more individually and have deeper dialogues with each other.”
- Bevis Watts, Triodos Bank

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