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Creative Consultancy & Supervision

From October 2023 Holly will be reopening the doors for another season of Creative Consultancies and Supervision online via Zoom. 

These sessions are designed for performers, artists, creatives, facilitators, teachers, directors and creative arts therapists who are wanting support to reflect on past projects, dream up new ideas, overcome creative blocks, cultivate insight, skills and qualities, improve team dynamics and map out the practical steps to their futures. 

Holly’s Creative Consultancy + Supervision falls into three categories; 

  • Project Work - for individuals and companies wishing to work on a specific creative project.
  • Supervision - for individual therapists, facilitators, directors, teachers or anyone else who holds space for groups, to explore and improve their space holding skills.
  • Company Development - for companies or organisations wishing to explore and improve their team dynamics and/or up-skill together.

Please note that the personal development section of this page has moved to its very own page, where it now has a new name, Creative Clarity.


Do you have a new project brewing? Perhaps you have a show or a workshop trying to get out? Holly can help you to:

  • Get clear about what you want to offer to the world.
  • Gently and creatively deal with any resistance or creative blocks.
  • Plan a creative project, defining the stages and creating a project timeline.
  • Set out intentions for your creative project, giving you your own unique gauge with which to measure your project’s success.
  • Learn new skills through commissioning your own bespoke masterclass. Have a look at what's in Holly's toolkit here.
  • Physically explore new creative hatchlings from many different angles, using creative writing, art, facilitated discussions, improvisation and play to test out the merits of your idea.
  • Devise methods for testing out new material on audiences  / participants and gathering their feedback. 
  • Evaluate your creative process and plan the next steps.


Are you a therapist, facilitator, director, teacher or anyone else who holds space for groups of adults? Would you like regular support to explore and improve your space-holding skills? Holly can help you to:

  • Reflect on your practice, using creative approaches and discussion.
  • Unpick what's been happening in the room, exploring how your content is landing and the group dynamics.
  • Celebrate your strengths as a leader and develop new leadership skills.
  • Cultivate more safety and play for participants. 
  • Plan projects, from brainstorming to finessing.


Are you part of a company or organisation who would like to improve the way that you function together? Holly can help you to:

  • Map out your company history, charting the successes, challenges and learning that you've acquired along the way.
  • Articulate your shared values and visions.
  • Creatively investigate and define the roles that exist within your company.
  • Explore which roles are working and why, which roles need redefining and how, and which new roles need inventing. 
  • Explore the quality of your communication and learn effective strategies for clear and compassionate speaking and listening.
  • If you're a new company, just starting out, Holly can guide you through a process of healthy group formation through play and discussion.
  • If you're an existing company that needs a blast of energy, Holly can offer a bespoke play day to help your team connect, build trust, unleash laughter and creativity and support each other to step out of their comfort zones. 
  • See also Holly's away day training.


Holly is a responsive facilitator who loves to meet people where they are, to listen deeply with curiosity and compassion before offering a series of flexible, adaptable containers for people to make their own discoveries within.

If you'd like to have a peek into the Creative Consultancy process, here are two blogs charting two different client's journeys: 


For these creative consultancy and supervision sessions, Holly is drawing on her training and experience in Dramatherapy (MA), Creative Arts Therapies Clinical Supervision, Nonviolent Communication, Clearness Committee, Action Learning, Open Space, Compassionate Inquiry, Internal Family Systems, meditation and focussing, as well as a life-time's experience as a workshop leader, group facilitator, dramatherapist, devised theatre director, performer, project manager, mentor and artistic director of several small businesses. For more info about Holly's training and experience click here.


"I have been dreaming about a project for a long time and just had a consultation session with Holly which really helped me to identify practical steps and inner resources to help me to kickstart this dream into reality. Totally worth it."

“I highly recommend a creative consultancy session with Holly. Her calm and supportive process really helped me to process some of the feelings I was having and to unblock tension in my body. It was astounding how quickly Holly was able to understand what I needed and her process is completely tailored to each individual.”


On the 18th September 2023, Holly will be releasing one-to-one Creative Consultancy and Supervision slots in her newsletter. Sign up to the Holly Stoppit newsletter using the box at the bottom of this page to be amongst the first to grab a slot.

If you're looking to commission a longer project online or in real life email holly@hollystoppit.com with a brief description of what you'd like to explore.

To find out what's in Holly's massive toolkit, click here.

For a list of Holly's previous clients, click here.

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