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Creative Clarity One-to-One Therapy

From May-July 2024 Holly will be reopening the doors for a third season of Creative Consultancies, Supervision and personal therapy online via Zoom. 

This is the page for Creative Clarity one-to-one therapy:

  • If you're interested in Creative Consultancy, go here.
  • If you're interested in Supervision, go here.

What Happens In The Creative Clarity One-to-Ones?

Creative Clarity is a dynamic, embodied form of therapeutic inquiry, which aims to help you get in touch with your own inner guide and find answers for life’s big conundrums.

If you sign up for the Creative Clarity one-to-ones, you'll get to work with Holly individually for a series of 1-hour weekly sessions on Zoom. 

Through these sessions, Holly will aim to help you to access the wisdom contained within your body, emotions and thoughts, by inviting you to step into a series of flexible, creative containers, to help you discover what's true for you.

Holly will accompany you into the unknown with her curiosity and compassion wide open. Holly is a responsive facilitator who will offer range of modalities for your exploration. You get to choose whichever structures feel best for you. Holly can offer:

  • Dramatherapy / Embodiment 
  • Internal Family Systems
  • Dance / movement inquiry
  • Meditation / focussing
  • Reflective writing / artwork
  • Structured dialogue (taking inspiration from The Thinking Environment, Compassionate Inquiry, Action Learning, Clearness Committee and Nonviolent Communication.)

You can use the Creative Clarity process to explore whatever is hot for you. It could be a good place to explore your relationship with work, creativity, vocation, purpose, blocks and fears, grief and loss, joys and celebrations, burn out and sustainability, identity, spirituality, leadership, connection, mental health, or whatever else feels pertinent for you. You don't even need to have a question - sometimes the questions spontaneously emerge during a session. 

Who Are These One-to-ones For?

The Creative Clarity one-to-ones are open to anyone over the age of 18 who is up for some deep diving. You don't need to have trained with Holly before to access them. If you haven't worked with Holly, she recommends trying out a one-off session first.


Holly is a responsive facilitator who loves to meet people where they are, to listen deeply with curiosity and compassion before offering a series of flexible, adaptable containers for people to make their own discoveries within.

For these Creative Clarity therapy sessions, Holly is drawing on her training and experience in Dramatherapy (MA), Internal Family Systems (IFSUK), Creative Arts Therapies Clinical Supervision (Relight), Nonviolent Communication (Seed of Peace), Clearness Committee (Penny Williamson), Action Learning (Arts and Health Southwest), Open Space (Phelim McDermot), Compassionate Inquiry Gabor Mate), meditation and focussing. For more info about Holly's training and experience click here.


These hour-long one-to-one sessions are available on Wednesdays and Thursdays (morning, afternoon or evening), between May and July 2024.

6 x weekly sessions @ £50 a session = £300

3 x weekly or monthly sessions @ £60 a session = £180

1 session @ £65 

To check into Holly’s Creative Clinic: email Holly at holly@hollystoppit.com with a little info about you and what is drawing you to this work.

Holly will send you a link to book your own slots after the 15th April when new bookings open.

  • If you're interested in Creative Consultancy, go here.
  • If you're interested in Supervision, go here.

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