Holly Stoppit

Consultancy In The Time Of Coronavirus

We're living in strange times, eh? I find myself with unexpected time on my hands. Most of my projects have been cancelled for obvious reasons. But I'm fit and well and eager to contribute where I can.

Perhaps now's the time to pay some attention to the creative project that's never had time to grow? Perhaps now's the time to deal with the blocks that have prevented you from expressing your creativity? 

  • I am open to paid offers for remote consultancy.
  • I can support you to explore new creative ideas, dissolve some old creative blocks or make action plans to support your creative exploration and expression. Here's what's in my toolkit.
  • I am able to provide deep listening and respond with questions, tasks and thoughts from my own experience.
  • We could meet via sykpe, zoom, email or phone.
  • We could do a one-off hour or a series of weekly or daily time-limited sessions.
  • Once you’re clear on what you’d like to explore and when, get in touch with my administrator Bee at info@hollystoppit.com to book in your session.
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