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Consultancy In The Time Of Coronavirus

We're living in strange times, eh? I find myself with unexpected time on my hands. Most of my projects have been cancelled for obvious reasons. But I'm fit and well and eager to contribute where I can.

Perhaps now's the time to pay some attention to the creative project that's never had time to grow? Perhaps now's the time to deal with the blocks that have prevented you from expressing your creativity? Or maybe you simply need some holding to help you digest your current feelings about the situation we're in?

Why not book yourself a Creative Consultancy with me?

For the last few months I've been delivering hour-long one-to-one Zoom consultancy sessions to artists, workshop leaders, therapists and academics. Here I am, talking through the process:

How a session works:

  • We'll begin with a check in

  • I'll ask you to talk me through what you want to use the time for

  • We'll set out an agenda and work through it point by point, whilst keeping space for surprises to emerge along the way

  • I'll ask you open questions to help you broaden your thinking, connect to your feelings and listen to your body sensations as your guide

  • If it feels right, I'll offer guided visualisations

  • We may also do physical explorations of the themes

  • At the end I'll make sure you've got a list of action points to take forward.

You could book in for a one-off session, a series of sessions, or begin with one and see how we go. 

About me

For these creative consultancy sessions I'm drawing on my training in dramatherapy (MA), Nonviolent Communication, Circle of Trust, meditation and focussing, as well as a life-time's experience as a workshop leader, group facilitator, devised theatre director, performer, project manager, mentor and artistic director of a small business. For more info about my training and experience click here.


"I have been dreaming about a project for a long time and just had a consultation session with Holly which really helped me to identify practical steps and inner resources to help me to kickstart this dream into reality. Totally worth it."

“I highly recommend a creative consultancy session with Holly. Her calm and supportive process really helped me to process some of the feelings I was having and to unblock tension in my body. It was astounding how quickly Holly was able to understand what I needed and her process is completely tailored to each individual.”

The Nitty Gritty

I'm offering hour-long one-to-one sessions on a sliding scale of £50 - £100, depending on your pocket.

To book, email holly@hollystoppit.com with a brief description of what you'd like to explore. 

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