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Bespoke facilitation and mentoring

Holly offers bespoke facilitation and mentoring to individual artists, facilitators, directors and theatre companies.

If you're looking for a Fire Starter to spark inspiration at the beginning of your R&D or  devising process, Holly offers a 2-5 day process to help you connect with yourself, the other creatives in your team and your themes, through mindfulness, play and reflection.

You can book Holly to do one of her off-the-peg workshops or commission her to provide a bespoke workshop to suit your needs:

  • If you're part of a theatre company, Holly can design a workshop to help you explore your themes or learn new skills or bond as a group. 
  • If you are an individual artist, Holly can design a workshop just for you or you can choose to invite a group of creatives along for the ride. 

Feel free to peruse Holly's huge toolkit of theatrical and therapeutic knowledge to see what's on offer. 

Holly is also available to mentor artists, facilitators and directors on a one-to-one basis, through her Creative Consultancies.

Holly's Devising Approach

Holly’s devising approach is playful, organic and responsive, joyfully opening to, and playing with, whatever’s in the room. Holly’s devising alchemy is rooted in both practicality and magic, and centres around creating and maintaining a safe environment; full of trust, permission, curiosity and support. In this fertile space, theatre artists find themselves taking great creative risks and discovering new skills, connections, pleasure and insight which can be processed into theatrical material to be performed, or pave the way for further creative discoveries to be made. Holly is dedicated to making space for the mystery of creativity to unfold.

Holly’s dramatherapy skills allow her to take performers through very deep exploratory process, which can be vital when creating autobiographical work, and also prove valuable to any creative team wishing to work through psychological / interpersonal blocks. Holly’s fascination with the magic and mystery of creative process, combined with her deep knowledge of how to work with fear and remove perceived limitations, plus regular support from a clinical supervisor, make her a fearless creative adventurer in a rehearsal room. She believes the creative gold is often just on the other side of the block and can provide many ways to help people move through their perceived limitations into a more expansive and limitless space.

Throughout the devising process, Holly is constantly considering the audience's experience, making sure the end result is original, accessible, satisfying and full of surprises. Holly has a particular taste for improvisation and direct, responsive audience connection and enjoys finding ways to keep at least some of every show she works on open to the moment, ensuring each audience has a uniquely memorable experience.

Holly's areas of interest include:

  • Work that explores mental health and/or the human condition
  • Safety and boundaries in the rehearsal room
  • Cultivating sustainability in the arts
  • Access and inclusivity for artists and audiences
  • Autobiographical performance 
  • Embracing vulnerability as a powerful tool in performance
  • Performance that genuinely interacts with its audience
  • Improvised / semi-improvised performance
  • Ensemble Play
  • Performance for non-theatre spaces
  • Small-scale touring performance
  • Online / digital performance
  • Cross-art-form collaborations
  • Integrating live music into performance
  • Discovering unique ways to tell stories
  • Finding creative ways to collect audience feedback
  • Developing workshops that go alongside live performances

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