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Oct 04 2019

Holly Stoppit
Image credit: Joe Rosser

Hello dear readers,

As you may have heard, I'm doing a TED talk about clowning as a conduit to connection at Bristol Old Vic on 17th November in the middle (3pm) section of Reflect Rethink Reboot, this years Bristol TEDx event.

I'm deep into my prep, receiving loads of incredible support from team TEDx Bristol. The 15 of us have had writing workshops, public speaking workshops and tonnes of one to one support to get our scripts up to TED standards.

I'm now looking for a few little stories to feed into my prep. 

Have you been to one of my workshops and found the skills you learned to be useful for your connection with yourself, other people and / or the planet? 

If you could take 5 mins to fill out this survey, I'd be overjoyed.


Holly xxx

Link to the survey here 

More info about the TEDx event and ticket links to the live event here

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