Stage Fright- The Process 4

Feb 02 2017

Holly Stoppit
Image credit: me

Yesterday in rehearsals with facilitator, Amy Rose. 

Here's a neat trick we invented; when you're not sure where to start, get everything out of your brain on pieces of paper on the floor, fill your mouth full of water, close your eyes and spin round 3 times, spit the water and whichever pieces of paper get wet will be exactly the right place to start (it's best to use sharpies or other waterproof pens). 

We placed the soggy pieces of paper in a random order and I committed to this as my score for full length improvised show for Amy. 

The next show involved us slow bowling tennis balls over the paper and letting our woefully inaccurate aim choose the content.

The final show was more purposefully chosen, with the criteria: what will you be sad not to have played with today?

Chance, serendipity, pleasure and fun. I love all that, don't I? I had such a lovely time playing that Amy got a little bit worried, "You don't seem nervous at all!" Now here's an interesting problem for a couple of clowns making a show about stage fright. What if the stage fright doesn't come?

Come and see the show on Sunday 5th February at 7.30 at The Wardrobe Theatre. Pay what you decide at the end. Venue info here.

Facebook event here.

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