What is Open Space?

May 18 2021

Holly Stoppit
Image credit: Photo by Joe Rosser artwork by Robyn Hambrook

Ahead of the Clowning Out Of Chaos Conference this weekend, The Online Clown Academy caught up with Holly Stoppit to tell us a little more about the Open Space event on Sunday evening (UK time)

What is Open Space?

It's an organic conferencing method where the attendees get to set the agenda.

How does it work online?

When you sign up for the Open Space session, you'll get a link to a form where you can submit a question or activity to be explored during the event. It can be anything connected to our conference theme: Clowning Out of Chaos. You don't have to submit any questions or activities if you don't want to.

When you arrive at the event, Holly Stoppit will tell you all about the Open Space principles and how the event works, then we'll set up breakout rooms (using your suggested questions and activities).

You'll then be free to drift around the breakout rooms or commit to one for 45 minutes. After a short break to gather more questions / activities and reset the breakout rooms, we'll go again for another 45 minutes.

At the end, you'll get to share any reflections you have with the group. Here's some from the Open Space event we held in November.

What might I get out of coming to this event?

  • You might meet others who are interested in exploring the same questions or activities as you.
  • You might discover new insights or more questions to take away.
  • You might make new friends, playmates or collaborators.
  • You might feel empowered through an evening of following your flow.

How do I sign up?

Easy peasy, you can book your ticket via eventbrite. Pay what you feel. Ticket link here: tinyurl.com/ClowningOutOfChaosConference

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