Welcome to Clown Workouts!

Mar 23 2020

Holly Stoppit
Image credit: internet scavenged, doctored by Robyn Hambrook

Welcome to the Clown Workout, daily exercises for Clowns in isolation during the coronavirus pandemic 2020. 

Your funny bone is a muscle that needs to be worked out like any other. Your team of professional clown provocateurs, will be posting daily clown tasks to help you stay connected with your playfulness, wherever you are. Expect invitations to play, tools for clown devising, explorations of upside-down problem solving, guided grounding meditations, clown drawing, clown dancing, clown cookery and of course, dressing up...

Find our facebook group ***here***, this is where you can post up photos and videos of yourself doing the Clown Workouts and see all what happened for the other idiots from all around the world. 

If you're not on facebook, don't worry, I'll be posting our videos up here as well (see the bottom of this blog for links to the videos).

Clown Workouts is headed up by professional idiots, Robyn Hambrook and Holly Stoppit, with extra special guest idiots also providing play prompts along the way. We want our group to be a space for you to play, connect and share your creative hilarity in this most bizarre time.

If you'd like to hear Holly and Robyn chatting about where the idea came from, click here for an interview with Dr. Mel McCree.

Holly Stoppit
Image credit: Quote by Stuart Brown (graphics by Holly Stoppit)

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