The ingredients of Mindful Play

May 11 2021

Holly Stoppit
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Hey you! Would you like to know a little more about the style of meditation, play and reflection that happen on the upcoming Mindful Play Inquiry Online course (starting 3rd June)? Here's a little window into the inner workings of Mindful Play!

What kind of meditation happens during The Mindful Play Inquiry Online?

The meditations draw from a range of influences, including Insight meditation, somatic meditation and Mindfulness practices. They are designed to help you connect with your body and emotions before mindfully contemplating the theme of each session (the themes are: resilience, play, flow, spontaneity and connection). We'll start with grounding, feeling the ground beneath us, sending our roots down into the earth. Then we'll focus on our breath or on sounds to help us connect with the present moment. After this I'll drop in different points of focus each week; we might feel into the body some weeks, travel into the imagination in others and sometimes we'll do a bit of both.

What kind of play happens during The Mindful Play Inquiry Online?

The quality of play during Mindful Play is mostly nonverbal and body-based – we'll explore different ways of moving our bodies and making sounds, whilst connecting with the sensations, emotions and thoughts that emerge. Sometimes we'll play on our own, sometimes we'll play together in small groups. This is not a performance course – so there won't be any playing for an audience. All the play exercises are adaptable to suit your body, energy levels and emotional state.

What kind of reflection happens during The Mindful Play Inquiry Online?

We'll use timed talking (one person speaks at a time for a certain length of time whilst the other listens) and free writing (letting your thoughts pour onto the page, uninterrupted) to reflect back on our experiences in the exercises. I'll explain all about how these work during the course. Sometimes I might invite you to share some of your writing with the group (you don't have to). I'll set optional homework (writing and drawing) tasks to keep you connected with your experience between the sessions.

What might we get out of coming to the Mindful Play Inquiry?

You will get:

  • a guided and held space to explore and improve your relationship with play and connection

  • Embodied experiences of a variety of styles of play

  • opportunities to sit, move, think, talk, listen and be heard

  • more awareness about yourself as a playful being

  • more of an understanding about the conditions that support you to play. 

  • a sense of what stops you playing 

  • strategies to help you move through blocks to play in the future. 

  • loads of practice of mindful connection, which you can take out into the real world to support you with the post-corona social awkwardness!

How do we book?

Pop on over to this page and as well as more info about the course, you'll find a link to the application form at the bottom of the page.

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