TED talks and Mindful Play

Jan 29 2018

Holly Stoppit
Image credit: Official TED talks guide to public speaking / Mindful Play 2018

Session One: Play is good for us! We know this! So how can we play more?

In preparation for The Mindful Play Sessions, I'm reading the official TED guide to public speaking. So far, it’s been really useful in helping me clarify my through-line for each session. 

In the chapter on through-lines, Chris Anderson poses several questions to help you get clear. Here are my answers to some of his questions:

-Is this a topic I’m passionate about?

Yes! I have a lifetimes experience of the healing, invigorating, insightful and transformational qualities of play. Did I mention, I LOVE PLAY?

-Does it inspire curiosity?

Yes! I have a sense from teaching my clown workshops that many grown-ups have a deep longing for more play in their lives. I believe we share an innate sense that play is good for us, but a lot of us have forgotten how to access it in healthy ways.

-Will it make a difference to the audience to have this knowledge?

Yes! In each session, I’ll be sharing facts and theory about play; what it’s for, why we need it, why we might have stopped playing and how we can find our way back into play. I’ll be using examples from my own life and work, backed up by Big Theorists. We’ll spring off from here into a led play session which will help you explore the concepts raised through your own experience. This will hopefully open you up to cultivating more play in your lives and give you the tools and confidence to encourage others to play.

-Do I know enough about this to make a talk worth the audience’s time?

Yes! I’ve had the massive privilege of playing for a living MY WHOLE LIFE, as a performer, musician, play worker, storyteller, director, facilitator and dramatherapist. I’ll be drawing on all this and my dramatherapy dissertation research, combined with some of my meditation / mindfulness experience and reading. The challenge will be what to leave out.

-Do I have the credibility to talk on this topic?

Yes! I think so. For I am Holly Stoppit, known by some as Queen of Play. Let’s play!

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