Talking TED and tightropes on BBC Radio Bristol

Nov 01 2019

Holly Stoppit
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I've just been up to BBC Bristol, to have a chat with Johnny Ray about my upcoming TED talk

It felt like a pleasurable, fun, easy chinwag with a genuinely interested bloke. Jonny asked good questions about my work, my childhood, my current life and my TED talk and (mostly) listened to my answers!

This felt like worlds away from the last BBC Radio interview I did around 3 years ago, where the interviewer mostly regaled me with his own opinions and stories about clowning (which was interesting, but not what you'd expect to happen when being brought in as an expert). 

I feel like I'm learning to hold my space in the world, in all my imperfect, vulnerable and weird glory! The world is treating me differently, since I learned to stand amongst the chaos of my competing Selves and say "Hello, this is me, who are you?"

You can listen to the interview here, I'm on from 2 hours 08mins, there's a bit of Blondie in the middle, I'm basically providing the bread for a Blondie sandwich.

It'll be up for 29 days and then it will disappear!

To read about my TED talk click here.

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