Spring Workshops Programme 2019

Dec 12 2018

Holly Stoppit
Image credit: Beccy Golding

So, you want to learn to be a clown do you? Do you? Or maybe it's your calling to be a fool? Is that the way it is?

Well, look no further, we've got just what you need in spring 2019!

The Headlines

<bong> We've got three Introduction to Clowning Weekends coming up in Bristol!

<bong> If you've already completed Intro to Clown, you could drop even deeper into the state of clown, with our 5-day Deepening Clown course.

<bong> If solo improvisation with multiple personae is more your thing, then we've got a 5-day Fools School.

<bong> If you've already done one of our 5-day Fooling courses, we've got an advanced 5-day Fooling course for you, Assembling Your Inner Cast.

<bong> For those wondering what happened to the comic storytelling course scheduled for March- unfortunately, we didn't get enough applications this time, so we've replaced it with a 5-day fools school as we've got people queuing round the block for that one. We'll try and reschedule Comic Storytelling for the summer  - it's a lovely course, a real joy to teach- so watch this space.

The details

Introduction To Clowning Weekends

Suitable for performers or personal explorers, this weekend introduces you to the world of Holly Stoppit and the state of clown. Expertly-held and facilitated by Holly, you'll play and play and discover how physicality, breath, timing, rhythm, surprise and truth provoke laughter. 

“A playful peeling away of the grown up nonsense to get to the joyous idiot within.” Participant, March 2018 

“An amazing chance to connect with others in a safe space, and through that connect with yourself. Also, my cheeks have only just stopped aching from all the laughing.” Participant, July 2018 

“It was a weekend full of possibility and curiosity. Beautifully and skilfully held… It enabled me to grow as a performer and challenged my perception of how I experience the relationship between performer and audience.” Participant, June 2018 

Price: £150 standard / £120 low income / £90 no income (there are limited concessionary places available)

2019 Dates

  • February 9th and 10th. Application deadline 4th January. Facebook event here.
  • March 30th and 31st. Application deadline 18th February. Facebook event here.
  • May 4th and 5th. Application deadline 29th March. Facebook event here.

Venue: St Werburghs Primary School, Bristol

Introduction to Clowning -  more info and application forms here.

5-day Fools School

Please note, you need to have completed Holly’s Introduction To Clowning Weekend to attend this course. 

Fooling is a form of solo improvisation where you get to meet and play with the cast of characters who normally live inside your head, eg the inner child, the inner critic, the inner guide, the inner anarchist, the inner artist, the inner hermit... The Fool, approaching life with openness and curiosity, walks into the empty space and says, "Wow, look what I found!”

“Deep, funny, touching, playful”

  • Dates: Monday 4 - Friday 8 March 2019
  • Times: 10am-6pm (ish) each day
  • People: 8 per course
  • Venue: central / south Bristol
  • Cost: £350 / £300 / £250
  • Standard / Low income / no income
  • DEADLINE FOR APPLICATIONS: Monday 4th February
  • Facebook event here

Fools School - more info and application form here.


It proved so popular last year, that we're re-running the 5-day advanced fooling training course. It's only available to fools who have already completed at least one of Holly's 5-day fools courses.

"Moving, bonding, hilarious, daft, sacred and very very special."

  • explore the masks who make up your current inner cast 
  • explore the masks relationship to each other & find their optimum placing on the stage 
  • explore the various shades of your masks, understanding how adaptable they can be & how they can serve you on stage 
  • try out your cast in various playing spaces, to practice rolling them out any where, any time 
  • get to know a small group of fools inside out


  • dates: Monday 18 - Friday 22 February
  • times: 10am-6.00pm ish
  • people: 6 max
  • location: Central Bristol
  • Closing date for applications: 7 January
  • Cost: £350 if you're earning enough / £300 if you're earning less
  • Facebook event: here.

Assembling Your Inner Cast info and application form here

Deepening Clown 5-day Course

This 5 day course builds on Holly’s Introduction to Clowning Weekend, offering participants opportunities to drop deeper into the state of clown, exploring ever riskier realms of interactive clown improvisation.

“Fun, silly, cathartic, deep, real, therapeutic, adventure, liberating” 

  • Dates: Monday 27 - Friday 31 May 2019
  • Times: 10-6 each day. 
  • People: 12 max
  • Venue: Central Bristol
  • Deadline for applications: 8th April
  • Facebook event here.
  • More info and application form here.
  • To read about what happened on last Summer’s 5-day Clown School click here.

Please note, you need to have completed Holly’s Introduction To Clowning Weekend to attend this course. 

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