So long for now, Beyond The Ridiculous

Dec 07 2016

Holly Stoppit
Image credit: Adam Fung

Beyond The Ridiculous had a wonderful final show at The Wardrobe Theatre on Sunday. Our audience drew a kaleidoscope of characters and concepts out of us; a lobster who needed shelter to cast off her shell and grow, the all too familiar dance of procrastination, a one-item striptease, a cramped caravan, a soulful song sung accapella in mirrorball flecks, a man with one sad and one supportive shoulder, a flock of sheep and a sack of secrets, a dragon hatching from a throbbing egg, taking flight and returning back to it's egg. 

Thanks to all our audience members who've jumped into our bizarre world and splashed around with us over the last 2 years, we wouldn't have discovered all we've discovered without you.

AND NOW.... we're taking a little break from our regular Wardrobe nights to embark on a quest to find a more sustainable way of doing what we do. We'll be popping up from time to time, when you least expect us, doing ridiculous things with total commitment and we're still available for specific project work if you're interested in having us along to stir things up. 

We'll no doubt find our way back to The Wardrobe Theatre at some point, because it's been a home to us from the beginning of our company life and we love it with all our hearts. Hey. if you love it as much as we do, you can support it by becoming a member of The Wardrobe Theatre Fan Club and help them continue their mission to provide space and support to theatre artists like us, artists who take the biggest risks to discover new possibilities in live performance. Massive thanks to The Wardrobe for giving us the space to grow.

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