Scratch Nights for Idiots

Jun 05 2018

Holly Stoppit
Image credit: Joe Rosser

Where do all the idiots go?

So, you've done your clown workshops, you've got some half-baked material, you're feeling terrified, but brave enough to give it a go, but where do all the southwest idiots go to try out in front of “real” audiences?

Well, you'll be pleased to hear, we've a rapidly developing alternative comedy scene here in Bristol. When I say alternative, I mean not stand up. I mean everything else; clowning, fooling, storytelling, physical theatre and improvisation, the kind of stuff I teach. There are umpteen stand up nights in Bristol, but sometimes they can feel a little harsh / drunken / abrasive for the type of comedy that's coming out of my classes. My workshops tend to unleash brave comedians who are willing to risk being vulnerable with audiences. For this, we need safe-ish spaces to try out our fragile, new material.

The following nights are all hosted by people who have trained with me and who are all creating safe-enough spaces for clowns. Book yourself a spot, grab yourself a buddy and GO FOR IT!

Nincompoop an alternative comedy night for clowns, fools and idiots at The Wardrobe Theatre. Once a month. Hosted by Lucy Harrington and Bertie Boulevard. 10 minute slots, need to be prearranged, slots tend to get booked up quickly. Final show before summer break, this Sunday, June 10th. Now booking for autumn.

Spoken In Jest (used to be known as Soft Cabaret) at The Hydra Bookshop, Old Market. Hosted by Darren Hoskins. Story-based comedy.

Crofters Comedy at The Crofters Rights, Stokes Croft. Hosted by Sarah Slater. It's mostly been stand up thus far, but it's starting to include more alternative forms of comedy like physical theatre comedy / clowning. It's closed for summer but submissions for the autumn will be accepted from August.

Underground Comedy The  Arts House, Stokes Croft. Hosted by Darryl and Daryl. Mostly stand up, but they also feature circus / alternative comedy acts.

Cure Cabaret at Hamilton House. This is a new one from Deborah Antoinette and Dominique Fester for Storytelling / Physical Theatre. There's one coming up at the end of June.Submissions by 21st June for show on 29th June.

I set up a facebook group for Southwest-based idiots to find each other and arrange idiotic things to do in the real world, it's called Les Idiots du SouthwestAll sorts of people post in there about workshops and performance opportunities. Feel free to join.

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