Recording of The Clowns In Crisis Panel Discussion

Nov 11 2020

Holly Stoppit
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Here is a recording of The Clowns In Crisis panel discussion, which took place on Zoom on 7th November 2020, as part of The Clowns In Crisis Conference, organised by The Online Clown Academy.

The topic of discussion was: "What is the role of the clown in times of crisis? What can clowning do for you and what can clowning do for the world?

About the speakers

(Top row left to right)

Your host for the evening was facilitator, dramatherapist, clown teacher and director, Holly Stoppit.

Rachel Caine (aka Doris Eagle Feather Duster) has been performing and teaching sacred clowning in the UK, Spain and Greece for over 25 years, ran a social clowning project in Ibiza for a decade and is a Shamanka healer in the Andean tradition. She helps other clowns learn how to embrace the Unknown and offers ceremonies for celebration as well as for grief and loss, holding a space that is large and compassionate enough for others to express safely what is in their hearts and find the humour within.

Sabine Choucair is a humanitarian clown, founder of Clown Me In, a group using the art of clowning to fight social injustice. She loves the streets, loves people and enjoys this stupid world.

(Bottom row left to right)

Faith Tingle is a Clown and Giggle Doctor, working both freelance and with Theodora Children's Charity to bring clowning to sick children in hospitals and in their homes. Faith uses the art of Clowning to create value in difficult times and firmly believes life begins at 40.

Hilary Ramsden is a clown, researcher and lecturer in physical and visual theatre, street arts, rebel clown and a Dr. of Walking. She was a member of internationally acclaimed lesbian-feminist Siren Theatre Company and later co-artistic director of Walk & Squawk for 14 years in Michigan, USA. She was a co-founder of the Clandestine Insurgent Rebel Clown Army (C.I.R.C.A), wearing red noses for revolution. She is currently Senior Lecturer in Drama and Performance at the University of South Wales in Cardiff, UK.

The backstage team for this event were Robyn Hambrook and Bee Golding.

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