Poet Bee Golding's Response To The Mindful Play Taster

Jun 01 2021

Holly Stoppit
Image credit: Bee Golding, poet-in-residence

Poet Bee Golding strikes again, capturing her experience of the Mindful Play Taster Session at The Clowning Out Of Chaos Conference on 22nd May 2021.

I led a Mindful Play Session, exploring the theme of CHAOS through meditation, play and reflection and here is what Bee discovered:

When you're close to chaos
The fun is in the falling
In the making of the feelings
In the teetering off balance

When you nudge anticipation
Chase exhilaration
Seek acceleration
Inhibitions disappear

And you feel a little giddy
On the cliff edge
When you're at risk
In the moment
On the apex
It is then that you will wonder
Will I fly or will I fail?

You can find more of Bee's poems on her instagram account @FridayIsPoetsDay.

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