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Jun 20 2019

Holly Stoppit
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Breaking News - deadline extended for Holly Stoppit Workshops Physical Theatre Summer School, 12-16 August, with special guest teacher Dominique Fester

Applications are back open for this course and NOW BOOKING ON A FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED BASIS.

PLUS!! NEW BURSARY SCHEME - £200 PLACES* available for those who would not otherwise be able to access this training (more details below). 

I'm delighted to be supporting Dominique to present her 5-day Physical Theatre Summer School. Dominique is a brilliant, highly-trained, massively experienced, inspiring teacher who draws on a big toolkit of skills, including Lecoq style physical theatre, mask work, improvisation, dance, clowning and fooling.

Dominique appeared in one of my clown classes 4 or 5 years ago and I had a feeling our paths were destined to merge for a while. I invited her into Beyond The Ridiculous, my company of fools, where she trained and performed alongside a gaggle of Bristols finest idiots.

When Dominique began offering physical theatre training to the fools of Beyond The Ridiculous, it seemed obvious to me that teaching is her joy and passion. As a teacher, Dominique has a natural, playful ease. She's a clear communicator and a gentle, yet challenging facilitator. She got us doing things we might otherwise have felt naff about. She got us taking the risk to shut our mouths and express through the body.

If you sign up for this course, you'll have a luxury week, inhabiting your body, hanging out with a great group of playful, creative people and learning skills that will support and improve your performance range, whatever your form. 

Get in!

*Bursaries - we are delighted to offer 4 x supported places on this course. We are especially keen to award bursaries to people aged 24 or under or anyone in full time education. There's a section on the form for you to tell us why the bursary place should be yours.

Unlike the other 3 weeks of Holly Stoppit's summer school, you can apply for this course without having completed Holly's Introduction To Clowning Weekend.

Look forwards to reading your applications.

Click here to for more info and link to application form.

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