Online one-to-ones May-July 2024

Mar 31 2024

Holly Stoppit
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I am delighted to announce a third season of one-one-one Creative Clarity, Supervision and Creative Consultancy sessions online on Zoom. 

From May-July 2024, you can book a series of 6 or 3 one-hour sessions to explore yourself, your work, your creativity, or your path.

One-off sessions are also available for anyone wanting to dip their toe in.


“I signed up for six sessions with Holly, during which she guided me through some creative blocks using IFS. It's always a joy and a privilege to work with Holly, and proof is in the pudding, I feel the blockages cleared and creative juju is flowing.” - David, facilitator, writer and explorer. 

"Holly listens with compassion…She has a great toolbox of skills and insights and I found working with her to be very supportive and beneficial. I feel that they have already helped me to make some shifts and changes and moving forward will continue to positively influence my decision making." -Karen Bell - Street Theatre Performer, Clown Doctor and Facilitator.

As a responsive, creative facilitator, therapist and supervisor, I offer a range of modalities for your exploration, including: dramatherapy, Internal Family Systems (IFS), embodiment, movement, meditation, focussing, reflective writing, artwork and compassionate dialogue.



Creative Clarity is a dynamic, flexible, responsive form of therapy, which uses creative approaches and IFS to help you get in touch with you inner guide and find answers for life’s big conundrums. More about Creative Clarity here.


One-to-one reflective sessions for therapists, facilitators, directors, teachers or anyone else who holds space for groups of adults. Using creative approaches to focus on your practice, unpicking what's been happening in the room, building on your strengths as a leader and cultivating more safety and play for your participants. More about Supervision here.


For individuals wanting to explore their creative practice, from exploring the early stages of a creative idea, to working through a creative block, to evaluating creative projects, to drawing back and getting some perspective on your creative path. More about Creative Consultancy here.


6 x weekly sessions @ £50 a session = £300

3 x weekly, fornightly or monthly sessions @ £60 a session = £180

1 session @ £65 

These hour-long one-to-one sessions are available on Wednesdays and Thursdays (morning, afternoon or evening), between May and July 2024.

To check into the Creative Clinic: email me at with a little info about you and what is drawing you to this work.

I will send you a link to book your own slots after the 15th April when new bookings open.


I am a facilitator, dramatherapist, IFS practitioner and clinical supervisor, who for many years specialised in clowning, fooling and improvisation as a way to explore the human condition. 

My fascination for supported insight and mindful communication has brought me to study Insight Dialogue, Nonviolent Communication (Seed Of Peace), Compassionate Inquiry (Gabor Mate), Circle of Trust / Clearness Committee (Penny Williamson), Action Learning (Arts and Health Southwest) and The Thinking Environment (Nancy Kline) and most recently Internal Family Systems (IFS Level 1). 

I have been meditating for nearly two decades and recently took a year out to live and work at a meditation retreat centre in Devon. 

These one to one sessions are an opportunity for me to bring together my love of insight dialogue, my shiny new IFS toolkit and my mahoosive experience of embodied play and creative inquiry. More about my background here

To check into my Creative Clinic: email me at with a little info about you and what is drawing you to this work.

I will send you a link to book your own slots after the 15th April when new bookings open.

I will be taking a pause from the one to ones for the summer and will most likely be back with more in the autumn. 

Sign up to my mailing list below to be amongst the first to hear about future dates for one-to-ones and more!

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