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Jun 25 2018

Holly Stoppit
Image credit: Alex Tabrizi

Hold the front page! We've added a new course to our Summer Programme. 

Assembling Your Inner Cast is a brand new advanced training week, exclusively for people who have completed our 5-day Fooling Summer School.

Assembling Your Inner Cast is adapted from last October's Beyond The Ridiculous intensive training week, where I supported each solo performer to discover their cast of stock inner characters, or 'masks;' i.e the inner critic, the inner child, the inner whale. The training preceded our 3-day mini fools-fest, Cliff Jumping For Beginners.

The central concept of Assembling Your Inner Cast comes from the creation process for the 3rd of my 3 work in progress shows last year, where I got to spend time fine-tuning my Fooling practice with my original teacher, Franki Anderson. I discovered through this process and performance that having known characters on the stage with me allowed me to improvise wildly and freely, whilst having a sense of grounded stability.

Want a bit of that? Check out the course info and apply by 7th July.

  • Dates: 27-31 August 2018
  • Times: 10am-6pm each day
  • People: 6
  • Venue: Central Bristol
  • Read more about Assembling Your Inner Cast and find links to the application form here.

P.S If you're wondering what happened to the 5-day Clowning Summer School that was scheduled for 27-31 August; we didn't get many applications by the deadline, so we decided to go with the energy that's alive and offer the advanced Fooling Training instead. No doubt Clowning Summer School will be back again next summer. Watch this space!

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