Mindful Play Video!

Feb 03 2018

Holly Stoppit
Image credit: Joe Rosser

Hey look, we made a video all about The Mindful Play Sessions!

Me and my fella, Joe had a lot of fun making it. The first bit features me battling with my overenthusiastic hand gestures and the last bit is filmed from Joe's new drone.  

Joe waited 2 and a half months for his drone to arrive from China and this was it's maiden voyage. The first mission was finding a place to fly it. We've been warned about the perils of trees and rivers for novice drone pilots, so we used the satellite function of google maps to find a big, empty field on the edge of Bristol.

When we got there, we were greeted by a massive muddy swamp - they don't show you that on google maps!

So we carried on searching until we found this excellent location. We set up the drone and were just about to have a test flight when a pack of dogs came running through the woods. As you can see by the length of the shadows, we were nearing the end of the day and time was of the essence. But not knowing how dogs + drones mix, and not really wanting to find out, we waited patiently until all the dogs had had their poos and their owner had bagged it all up.

You only get 20 minutes flying time with this sort of drone before the batteries run out, so Joe gave himself just 5 minutes to try to master the controls before starting filming. 

As you can see by the colour contrast, we shot 2 separate movies of me wildly improvising in the freezing cold, whilst dodging dog shit and trying not to be terrified of the drone flying into me. Joe made a noble attempt at keeping up with me wherever I span, flapped and leapt. 

If you look carefully at the final moments, you can see the drone shadow on my face.

Hope you enjoy watching our debut flight of the drone!

Wanna know more about Mindful Play?

Holly Stoppit’s Mindful Play Sessions fan the flames of joy, laughter and connection, whilst rooting participants in grounded awareness. Four fortnightly sessions, on the themes of: play, flow, spontaneity and connection. Starting on Tuesday February 13th 2018 from 7.30-10 in Central Bristol.

Tickets Available through Brown Paper Tickets

Facebook event here 

More about The Mindful Play Sessions here

Promo filmed and edited by Joe Rosser

Holly Stoppit
Image credit: Joe's Drone
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