Meet The Panelists

May 11 2021

Holly Stoppit
Image credit: photo: Joe Rosser / artwork: Robyn Hambrook / clown: Holly Stoppit

Introducing the panelists for our discussion on Clowning + Chaos which will take place during the Clowning Out Of Chaos Conference on 22nd May 2021. 

I am delighted to be chairing this discussion about how clowning might support us to meet inner and outer chaos with four incredible experts in the fields of clowning and activism.

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Amrita Dhaliwal

Devising Artist, Comedian, Educator

Resides in Los Angeles, California, USA, raised in the outskirts of Chicago and Texas, birthed from Punjab, India

Holly Stoppit
Image credit: Amrita Dhaliwal

Amrita (uhm-ri-tha) is an award-winning comedian, devising artist, educator and hospital clown based in Los Angeles, CA. Amrita creates work that explores our humanity, the profound and the mundane. 

websiteIG / Operation Project

Jay Jordan

Artist Activist 

The ZAD (zone a défendre) Notre-Dames-des-Landes, France

Holly Stoppit
Image credit: Jay Jordan

Labelled a  "Domestic Extremist" by the UK police, and “a magician of rebellion” by the French press, JJ likes spaces in-between of all sorts, especially between art and activism, culture and nature, the masculine and feminine. They have intervened in museums, squats, International Theatre Festivals, climate camps, choreographed carnivalesque riots and written a BBC radio Play for Today. They are co-founder of creative direct action collectives Reclaim the Streets and the Clown Army and The Laboratory of Insurrectionary Imagination.

facebook / article in Klaxon Journal 

Jeff Gordon 

Performance Activist and Therapeutic Clown and Dramatherapist

Originally from the UK, now living in Israel

Holly Stoppit
Image credit: Jeff Gordon

Jeff says: "There is so much anxiety engendered around the need to control the chaos we feel around us that we lose our sense of flow, spontaneity and joy… it is through invoking our Clown role that we are able to play with that chaos and in doing so restore inner and outer harmony."

Drama therapy: a drama therapy approach to addiction and beyond

Suzy Harvey

Specialist in Joy and Connection

Oxford, UK

Holly Stoppit
Image credit: Suzy Harvey

Suzy  Harvey is a specialist in Joy and Connection who uses silliness and mayhem to help us take back a bit of control over the chaos in our world. Over the last year, Suzy has been taking a clown’s approach to the news and finding ways to laugh through it.

Suzy's website /everybody laugh togetherfacebook / twitter / instagram

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