Apr 14 2019

Holly Stoppit
Image credit: Adam Fung

In the run up to the Beyond The Ridiculous Easter takeover of the Wardrobe Theatre, I got interviewed by Steve Wright of Bristol 24/7.

First, Steve asked me to to explain what 'Fooling' is:

“The archetype of the Fool is driven by innocence, truth and trust. The Fool is first card in the tarot deck and has the numerical value of zero. Just as the Joker in the modern deck of cards, the Fool can take on any numerical value, appearing as a King one moment, and a lowly Two the next.”

And how does this translate into performance? Well, a solo performer steps onto an empty stage with no props, no costumes and no script. “They connect with the audience and tune into their own feelings, thoughts and physical gestures,” Holly explains. “They choose one feeling, thought or physical gesture and amplify it until they’ve created an instant character with a world of their own."

After elaborating on the performance process, I was then asked to chat about the history of Beyond the Ridiculous. I went all the way back to 2015, remembering the very early shows at the old Wardrobe Theatre, before it moved to it's current home in Old Market:

“They were wild, dangerous and unpredictable – audience members were ridden like horses, chairs were seduced, shoes were thrown out of windows,”

I offered a whistle-stop tour of our company life before explaining what the audience might experience on the 19th, 20th and 21st April, when they come to see our shows:

“A night out with Beyond The Ridiculous is like a cross between active meditation and an acid trip,” Holly concludes. “You get to see the insides of people’s minds, hearts and souls and, through doing so, you get to discover that we’re all made of similar stuff. We’re all courageous, vulnerable, terrified, excited, sad, joyful weirdoes; but Fools have the courage to get it all out and play with it.”

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