Let's Play Cards For Inclusion!

Jun 11 2019

Holly Stoppit
Image credit: Cards For Inclusion by Unlimited

Holly Stoppit would like to invite you to a playful discussion about access and inclusion. 

<<What's all this about then?>>

Hi, I'm Holly, a workshop leader, devising director and dramatherapist based in Bristol. Lately I've been thinking about how to make my work more accessible to people with different abilities.

In May, I followed the thread of access and inclusion all the way through the Global Improvisation Symposium and wrote many blogs about the things I learned. You can read them here.

When I got home, these Cards For Inclusion arrived in the post. I'd ordered them from Unlimited - a company that's set up to help disabled artists create work. I'd had a great phone chat with them before going to the conference. See more about Unlimited's work here

I want to have a play with my new toy and I'd like some people to play with!

<<How do you play "Cards For Inclusion?">>

This is how 'Cards For Inclusion' works; you pick three cards - 1.) a type of arts event, 2.) a type of venue, 3.) a potential barrier to inclusion and then you come up with as many solutions as possible to make sure everyone can attend and participate in your event.

<<Who's this for?>>

It's for anyone who's running workshops, putting on events, directing shows or holding space for people.

I'm hoping it'll get us all collectively thinking about how we can open up our events and workshops to people with different abilities.

<<When and where is it?>>

Wednesday 26th June
The Activities Room, Upstairs at Easton Community Centre,
Kilburn Street
Bristol BS5 6AW

This is a free event, no need to register, just turn up.

This is an open invite to anyone who feels called to be in the room. It will be beneficial for the group if you can stay the whole time, as I imagine we'll be going on a bit of a journey together.

<<What's going to happen?>>

We'll start with a few ice-breakers to begin, before moving into the Cards For Inclusion Game and we'll finish with some group reflections.

It's a chance to meet and connect with other Bristol-based artists and facilitators, you're all welcome.

If we want to keep the conversation going, we can pop across the road to The Plough for a pint at the end of the session.


The activities room is on the first floor of Easton Community centre. There is a lift for easy access and an accessible toilet.

If you have any other access needs for this event, please email info@hollystoppit.com

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The Facebook event is here

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