How do the Clown and the Fool meet?

Feb 15 2022

Holly Stoppit
Image credit: Massimo "Max" Cavillini screenshot

Massimo “Max” Cavallini is an Italian clown and fool, living in the Netherlands. He invited me to talk about how the Fool meets the Clown, ahead of his new two day workshop called "The Fool through the eyes of a Clown.” 

I'm Holly Stoppit, a clowning and fooling teacher and dramatherapist, based in Bristol, UK.

Max and I have been training in the performance form known as Fooling, with the original source, Franki Anderson for 20+ years. If you’re not sure what ‘fooling’ is, hit play and the video will help you understand!

During the pandemic, a cluster of European Fool facilitators, including Max, Franki and me, came together on Zoom to explore where fooling meets…. the work of Gabor Maté  / mythology / polyvagal theory… The group is called FOCI - the foolish plural of focus, meaning they’re a group of fools with many focuses. 

Some of the members of FOCI came along to this chat. Max and I were joined by Franki Anderson, Lydia Petzoldt and Petra Wilmer.

You can see the video below or on youtube here.

Max’s workshop will be in Wageningen on 26 & 27 February to find out more, email or check out this website.

To find out more about my workshops, check out my workshop page and / or sign up to my mailing list at the bottom of this page.

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