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Sep 23 2019

Holly Stoppit
Image credit: TEDx Bristol

Big news, dear readers! 

I've only gone and landed myself a speaking slot at Reflect Rethink Reboot, the Bristol TEDx event this November!!!

Every two years, team Bristol TEDx scour the West Country, searching for the most interesting local innovators, researchers, entrepreneurs, activists, scientists, thinkers and doers. They nurture a hand-picked selection of speakers, preparing them to take their space on the infamous red circle and deliver their message, to a live audience. The talks are filmed and beamed out across the globe for all to enjoy.

I was in the audience of Dare To Disrupt, the 2017 TEDx Bristol event, marvelling at the confidence and eloquence of the speakers. I remember chatting to a bunch of strangers after one of the talks. I'd asked them what their TED talk would be about and was amazed to discover that not everyone thinks they have a TED talk inside them. I remember saying to them; “Oh I think I'll be ready to do mine in two years time.” They looked at me with the classic narrow eyed “OK crazy lady” look, I've come to know well.

Well, bunch of strangers with the doubting eyes, it looks like it's happening!

This is no random accident! I've been working hard at my public speaking skills for the last few years, finding opportunities to put myself in front of audiences with my Work In Progress project, Mindful Play lectures and grabbing all other speaking opportunities that have come my way. Through eliciting feedback from audiences and learning how to manage my stage fright, I've been gradually finding more and more pleasure and play in my delivery.

Meeting my stage fright head-on has been a pretty hefty process, which I have been painstakingly documenting on this here blog in the hope that both I and others will learn from my journey. It is my deepest wish that all human beings feel free to take their space in the world and be seen and heard.

My personal research has naturally been making it's way into my teaching and has of course found it's way into the book I've been writing; which is a handbook of some of my teaching methods and the underpinning theory. The writing process has helped me distill my theory to the point that I managed to convince TEDx Bristol that I know what I'm talking about!

I'm so grateful for all the support I've received along this journey from friends, family, colleagues, audiences and students. I'm indebted to the TEDx Bristol team who are carefully guiding me through this almighty learning curve!

On the 17th November 2019, I will be speaking about clowning as a conduit to connection on Bristol Old Vic's main stage, amongst an amazing line-up of 15 diverse and riveting speakers

There are three sessions throughout the day – each showcasing 5 speakers. You can come for one session or stay for the whole day. I'll be speaking in the afternoon session. 

You can see a full list of the speakers here.

You can book tickets to the live event here.

Or you can watch us on youtube after the event - I'll be sure to post links here.

I've written another blog about what's helping me do this absolutely ridiculous thing here.

I had a chat about all things TED with Jonny Ray on BBC Radio Bristol. Find the link here.

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