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Jun 15 2020

Holly Stoppit
Image credit: Joe Rosser / Holly Stoppit on Severn Beach

Throughout Lockdown, I've been exploring how to teach online via Clown Workouts, The Fools Play SessionsBeyond The Ridiculous' company training and various pilot projects.

This blog is a record of all the Facebook Lives I made for Clown Workouts. I really enjoyed the process of trying to figure out how to integrate theory, practice and audience interaction. I hope they are useful to you too.

I've done minimal editing, mostly focussing on cleaning up the tumbleweed moments where I'm waiting for a response from the audience, due to the time-lag between recording and transmission. 

Who Are You Making Your Audience?

How we cast our onlookers can have a profound effect on the quality of our performance. In this video, I will lead you through a warm up and a practical exploration of putting the audience in various roles, before setting you a performance task to do in your own time.

Cultivating Resilience Through Clowning

In this video, I discuss resilience - what is it and how do we get it? You'll be led through an imagination exercise where you get to go to your clown paradise and bring back the treasure to your real life.

Welcoming Joy

In this video, I invite you to welcome in the joy with a 4-part practice:
1.) preparing for joy
2.) tapping into joy
3.) expressing joy
4.) savouring / sharing joy.

Cultivating Compassion (A Lovingkindness Meditation)

In this guided meditation, I talk about the power of compassion in life and in clowning, before leading a guided meditation to help you cultivate compassion for yourself and others.

The Loving Kindness (metta bhavana) wishes are:

May I / you / we be happy
May I / you / we be well
May I / you / we be safe
May I / you / we be free
May I / you / we know peace
May I / you / we know joy
May I / you / we know ease

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