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Sep 25 2018

Holly Stoppit
Image credit: The Clown Egg Register

This weekend is the opening of Clowns: The Eggs-hibition at the Bristol Museum. 

Here amongst these clown eggs is where you'll find me hanging out later in the autumn as Bristol Museum's first ever clown-in-residence.

I'll be offering a programme of free performances, pop up play sessions and nonsensical tours, and a low-cost laughter yoga workshop (dates & details here).

You can influence what I do in my residency, by completing my clown-in-residence questionnaire in advance - I'll use your answers to inspire my improvised clown performances.

You can come and see what I do with your ideas from 11am-12noon on Monday 29 & Tuesday 30 October & Thursday 1 November (half term) and Saturday 24 & Sunday 25 November. Or you can read about it all on my blog.

I’m thrilled to be donning my red nose and releasing my clown into this wonderful and respected institution. This could perhaps be the first time somewhere as sensible as a museum has had a clown-in-residence - what a ridiculous idea! I will be trying very hard to not fall over and smash any of the precious eggs. I promise.

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