Dreaming Day - a poem by Bee Golding

Mar 03 2020

Holly Stoppit
Image credit: The view from the Greenhouse window on dreaming day

Holly Stoppit Workshops' poet-in-residence has struck again! 

Beccy Golding, my wonder-administrator, workshop co-ordinator and poet-in-residence has captured the essence of our most recent dreaming day in a poem.

Join us as we wend our way through a day of exploring our roles, dreams and fantasiesfor our ever expanding clowning and fooling empire!

Dreaming Day

Two women well met on the crest of a hill
Rescued a key from a little brown bin.
Two women well-met were meeting to dream
Make plans with post its and pendulum.

Two adventurers unlocked a gate
Waved at the guard cat keeping watch,
Crawled below giant umbrella leaves
Zag-zigged the crazy paving path.

High on the roof a herd of tiny deer
Showed two explorers their way
Rainforest flowers dripping pools of sky
Above ancient St Werburgian vale.

Then in their strawbale nest
Two colleagues did sensible stuff
Checking in and action plans
Until they’d done enough.

Looking out to the valley, they told of their lives
Their happies, their sads, their twists of fate.
Sat on a bench, two sisters shared lunch
Magic leaves from little, big brought lentil bake.

Two wondrous witches, cast a spell
Named their names, woman and crone
Delved into each other’s casts
Named the roles for which they’re known.

And their incantation rose into the sky.

Hail Bee!
You are offer-maker, yup-chaser
Venue-seeker, copy-tweaker
Progress-checker, checkbox-ticker
Flowchart-maker, bank-wanker
Template-builder, payment-chaser
Event-creator, flyer-designer
Newsletter-writer, email-replier
Course-producer, system-creator.
You are student and assistant
Buffer, clarifier, rep
Ideas-bouncer, advocate,
Blue-sky-thinker, optimist.

Hail Holly!
You are gatherer of people
Course-creator, facilitator
Control-freak, delegator
Group-curator, budget-setter
Artistic director, boundary-keeper
Tea-buyer, tax returner
Boss-lady, public speaker
Role model, schedule-maker.
You are teacher, writer, planner
Fool-clown doula, evaluator
Consultant, alchemist
The cautious one, the realist.

With name-spells cast into the wind
Side by side two thinkers talked
Down valley, up the other side
Imaging, creating as they walked.

Then two dreamers sat on Narroways hill
Though the wind blew strong and cold
They tossed their dreams up in the air
Hoping they would land.

A perfect palace to create and play
Stationery cupboard of infinite depth
Floor to roll on, books & desks
To share, to be, to take a breath.

A yurt for naps, a garden to dance
And special shoes for every room.
They tossed their dream-seeds into the air
And drempt that they would bloom.

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