Creative Clarity - Call For Workshop Hosts

Jul 24 2023

Holly Stoppit
Image credit: Holly emerging from a month of deep reflection in the east of France

Hello dear readers!

I am emerging from a month of deep reflection and contemplation in the sweltering heat of my dad and stepmum’s attic in eastern France. Clarity has come about what I will be offering from October 2023! Below is a teaser and a request for workshop hosts.

Creative Clarity 

From October 2023, I will be holding space for people to inquire deeply and creatively into whatever’s hot for them.

I will be offering group workshops and one-to-ones, both in-person or online.

Creative Clarity is a dynamic, flexible, responsive form of inquiry, which aims to help you get in touch with your own inner guide and find your own answers for life’s big conundrums.

Creative Clarity draws on my background and training in:

  • Dramatherapy / fooling / embodiment / play
  • Dance / movement inquiry
  • Meditation / focussing
  • Reflective writing / artwork
  • Creative Arts Supervision
  • Structured dialogue (taking inspiration from Nancy Kline’s Thinking Environment, Parker J Palmer’s Clearness Committee, Action Learning and Nonviolent Communication)
  • Internal Family Systems (new for autumn 2023!)

Participants will be guided to listen the wisdom contained in their bodies, emotions and thoughts. To tune in, we will sit in stillness and we will move our bodies in playful and intuitive ways. We will capture what we find on the page, in words and images and in supported dialogue with each other.

Your inquiry could include questions around work, creativity, vocation, purpose, blocks and fears, grief and loss, joys and celebrations, burn out and sustainability, identity, spirituality, leadership, connection, mental health, or whatever else you want to explore.

I’m Looking For Workshop Hosts

This autumn and winter, I would like to travel around the UK offering Creative Clarity weekend workshops and retreats. In these workshops, I will be offering a series of creative reflective tools to help groups inquire deeply together. 

These workshops can be themed or open. Themes could include; exploring identity, creative process, creative visioning, leadership skills, or whatever feels most relevant to you and your group. In an open workshop, I will provide a space where each individual brings their own question to work with, together.

There will be a mix of solo, pairs, small group and large group creative reflection activities.

The tools learned during this workshop can be used again and again to help gain insight, melt away blocks and fears and design support systems to help you move forwards.

Would you be interested in hosting me to run a Creative Clarity weekend workshop / longer immersive retreat? This would involve drumming up a group of peers, colleagues or friends and hiring a space in your local area.

The main benefit of hosting a Creative Clarity workshop is you get to choose who comes! It will be an opportunity to connect with friends or peers in a held space, to deepen your connections and learn a language of creative reflection that you can use again to support each other in the future.

I would provide marketing materials and support to help you get a group together. I have bases in Bristol, Cardiff, Glasgow and Totnes and I’m willing to travel to other places if there is interest in this work.

If this sounds like your cup of tea, get in touch to discuss more at

I will start advertising workshops and slots for one-to-ones in September. To be amongst the first to hear, join my mailing list for monthly updates using the box at the bottom of this page.

Love and laughter,

Holly x

To find out more about Creative Clarity, click here.

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