Creative Clarity at Clown Congress

Aug 07 2023

Holly Stoppit
Image credit: Clown Congress Image by Robyn Hambrook

I'm delighted to announce my involvement in the Clown Congress 2023!

Now in its second year, Clown Congress is a gathering of clowns and clown enthusiasts from all different backgrounds, including professional performers, clown academics, clown teachers, clown students, clown doctors, clown activists and clown therapists. 

From Saturday 28 - Monday 30 October 2023, the gathered gaggle of clowns will be exploring the theme of Clowns and Identity: exploring difference in clowning, through a series of workshops, focussed discussions, Open Space and informal get togethers. 

We will be exploring the questions:

  • Who am I when I'm clowning?   
  • Who has the privilege to clown?   
  • How does clowning redefine my experience?   
  • How is clowning different when I do it to when you/she/he/they do it?   
  • And what is clowning like when we do it together?

Clown Congress is hosted by Robyn Hambrook, Jon Davison and Jan Wozniak and will take place at Bristol University’s Wickham Theatre.

I am thrilled to be holding space for creative reflection at the end of each day. Drawing on my Creative Clarity toolkit, I’ll be offering a range of creative containers to help attendees process the day’s learning through play and reflection. We’ll tune into our bodies, hearts and minds in order to access our inner wisdom, exploring through movement, meditation, embodiment, writing, artwork and structured dialogue. These sessions will be designed to help you articulate your personal and professional insights from each day.

To find out more about the Clown Congress and book your place, check out Robyn’s website or eventbrite.

If you are interested in contributing to the Clown Congress, the deadline for applications is the 31st August - find out more about that here.

To find out more about my Creative Clarity group workshops and one-to-ones, click here or sign up to my monthly newsletter at the bottom of this page.

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