Coronavirus Lovingkindness meditation

Mar 18 2020

Holly Stoppit
Image credit: Artist: Michael Leunig

In these turbulent times, to keep myself grounded, I've been retreating to my meditation cushion. It greets me with open arms and holds me while I tune in to where I'm at, let go of whatever's been building up and draw in courage, curiosity and compassion. 

I'd like to share a loving kindness meditation that came to me the other morning. It brought me comfort and ease and helped me feel connected to the human race. I hope it'll do the same for you.

  • Find a place to sit quietly for a little while

  • Allow three deep out breaths – pausing in between and trusting that the in-breath will take care of itself

  • Whichever parts of your body are connected with the floor or the chair, see if you can soften and surrender your weight a little more into the ground.

  • Bring the trunk of your body to upright, so that you are supporting your own weight

  • Relax the shoulders down, let your arms be floppy, soften your hands, relax your face, soften your jaw

  • Let your focus settle on your breath coming in and out of your body for a while. Notice the sensations of breathing.

  • When you notice your mind wandering, bring it back to the sensations of breathing. Not because thoughts are wrong or bad, it's just as a way to centre and focus your attention.

  • Tune into your body, notice what's here.

  • Tune into your heart, notice what's here.

  • How does it feel to offer these simple wishes to your own heart?

  • May I be well

  • May I be safe

  • May I be free

  • May I know peace

  • May I know joy

  • May I know ease

  • Find out what happens to your heart as you drop these wishes in again. Does it soften, harden, relax or resist? Can you welcome whatever's happening with compassion and curiosity?

  • You can keep going with that for as long as you like.

  • When you're ready, you can find out what happens in your heart as you share these wishes with other people. Here's what came to me, but feel free to find your own offerings.

  • You don't need to know how or when or where these offers will reach their destinations, Lovingkindness is about inclining the heart towards compassion. See how it feels for you.

  • For all the people who have already contracted the virus, MAY YOU BE WELL

  • For all the doctors and nurses who are treating the patients, MAY YOU BE SAFE

  • For all the people who are experiencing anxiety about their health and the health of others, MAY YOU FIND PEACE

  • For all the people who are taking care of loved ones, MAY YOU FIND STRENGTH AND REST

  • For all the people making decisions on behalf of the nation, MAY YOU FIND SUPPORT TO HELP YOU FIND CLARITY, MAY YOUR DECISIONS BE ROOTED IN LOVING KINDNESS

  • For all the people self-isolating in their homes, MAY YOU FIND JOY, WONDER AND ADVENTURE

  • When you're ready, come back to your own heart. How does it feel in there now?

  • Come back to the ground and your breath deep in your belly.

  • Tune into the sounds that surround you.

  • Open your eyes and take in a few shapes and colours.

  • Carry on with your day

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