Clown Workouts Week 6

May 04 2020

Holly Stoppit
Image credit: clown workout participants and facilitators / image created by Robyn Hambrook

Welcome to week six of Clown Workouts, daily tasks for clowns in isolation during the coronavirus pandemic of 2020.

To read more about Clown Workouts and to find all previous Clown Workouts, click here.

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Each day we put out a short video featuring a simple warm up and a clown task for you to explore. You can do them in order, any time, anywhere, alone or with other people. Enjoy!

1.) Vocal Play with Aisha Ali

2.) The Wave with Bertie Boulevard

3.) 3 Vocal Clown Workouts with Artie Godden

See Clown Workouts Facebook page for this one - it's in this album

4.) Secret Thoughts with Karen Bell

5.) Flippin It with  Maggie Irving

To see all the Clown Workouts so far, click here.

To find our Clown Workouts Facebook group click here.

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